Selecting Classes Looks a Little Different This Year


Every year, students who plan to attend Liberty the next school year get to choose their classes for the next two semesters. How students choose their class is entirely up to them, whether it choosing classes for a future job or because they think they would be really fun. As people can see, it is not as simple as last year, however, counselors have a process for choosing out classes.

“Concerning classes next year, students can sign up to have a Google meeting with me by going to the button titled ‘Click here to book an appointment?’ Students will pick a time and date to meet with me via a Google meeting. Classes are chosen at that time and recommendations, etc., are given to the students.  This is the same for virtual and hybrid virtual students,” said R-Z counselor Mrs. Pam Henry-Sievert.

Despite the pandemic, virtual students are still going to get to pick their classes the same as hybrid students. It’s a fairly simple process; when students pick their classes, they should make sure to actually have an interest in the class because it harder for everyone if the student doesn’t like the class. For many students, they have plans to accomplish when they take a specific class.

“I am planning to be a doctor when I’m older. A lot of people have told me that this job was going to be very difficult to study and would require most of my time. I know it does require most of my time, but that’s not going to stop me from achieving my goal. Hopefully, I do make the right decisions and choices, in terms of my classes, so I won’t regret it later,” said freshman Carolina Molina.

Some students may not have a dream job in mind which is perfectly fine! Choosing a job is really hard because, for some students, it could be their job for life. Even if students do not know their future careers, they still can have fun while choosing classes that can benefit them.

“I don’t know what I want to be in the future specifically, but I know I want to choose classes that would help me get a higher diploma to get into a better college for my job,” said sophomore Chris Molina.

Many students feel that picking their future classes is quite easy and simple. However, they do miss being able to meet potential future teachers and hearing about all the different classes.

“Picking classes this year was made nice and easy despite the pandemic. My counselor was very supportive of my decisions, which I loved. She made me feel like I was doing the right thing,” said freshman Alexis Griffith.

Throughout the school year, the guidance office has been extremely supportive and helpful for students picking their classes. If any students have any questions pertaining to next year’s schedule, don’t be afraid to reach out to the counseling office and specific counselors!