NHS Honors newest inductees with 2021 Induction Ceremony


LHS students participated in the NHS induction ceremony on October 4th. Photo courtesy of Ms. Corbin

Rhyean Hull, Staff Reporter

The National Honor Society has officially inducted their newest members as of Monday October 4th.

The NHS is made up of the most involved juniors and seniors, who voluntarily contribute to the school’s wellbeing and quality of life, and participate in many extracurricular activities. They must have at least a GPA of 3.5, and no grade less than a B.

The process for selecting their members starts with invitations. They get the schedules of the students they think might be a good fit and contact their teachers for recommendations. Once the teachers bring back good recommendations, the students must write an essay about what they could bring to the Society. They must talk about what they do after school, like jobs, sports, and music, to show they are involved with the school.

The LHS chapter advisor, Ms. Haf Corbin, meets with the faculty council, who are 5 anonymous teachers. They met and will talked about every recommended member to determine who would be accepted and who would not. After this, the ones who were selected received their invitation to the induction ceremony.

“Sponsoring the NHS is a great privilege. I get to interact with so many different students,” said Corbin. “They do so much community service and I’m really proud of the impact they have on their community.”

The students must maintain their good standing with the school and their grades to stay a member of the Society.

“I’d say I’m interested and excited about joining the NHS, to see what it’s about,” said Jacob Hernandez. “I’m very proud of my grades and this achievement.”

The induction ceremony officially took place at 6 pm Monday night.

“I was really excited to be inducted into the NHS. I decided to light the character candle because I think I’m funny and I like that about myself,” said Isabelle Cavins.

The list of members that were inducted last night includes: Paige Adams, Bailey Allen, Amanda Amilpa, Armando Amilpa Rozada, Matthew Atkins, Emmy Beach, CJ Beier, Skylar Bevenour, Ksusha Billings, Babar Bokhari, Diamond Boyd, Maria Brickley, Victoria Brock, Dwayns Butler, Ernesto Calderon, Azarah Caplinger, Micah Carroll, Isabelle Cavins, Kenady Chapman, Nicolas Ciampaglione, Catherinem Colis-Nunez, Amara Collins, Reagan Coppage, Ally Corvin, Dylan Covington, Parker Curtis, Meredith Day, Denali Daymude, Daria DeCaul, Gabriella Downey, Tyler Dyson, Kihara Echalar, Ethan Ek, Chase Fleet, Lauryn Fling, James Fowler, Kayleigh Franks, Taylor Gorham, Emma Guox, Haylee Hardcastle, Emma Harris, Jacob Hernandez, Ethan Hurley, Kaitlyn Isner, Jazmin Jenkins, Edgar Jimenez, Ayden Jubin, Brennan Keller, Katie Kotulla, Thanuwat Kraiwan, Brennan Lasher, Lauren Leatherman, Jade Lemus, Kiana Lewis, John Logan, Kayla Lopez, Maia MacMahon, Hailey Marquise, Cade Marshall, Luke McCaslin, Michiko Mubanga, Autumn Mullins, Song Ngan Ngoc Nguyen, Ethan Novak, Blaire Odom, Eberechukwu Okolo, Abigail Pearson, Addison Peck, Summer Plaugher, Bradley Pollack, Alexandra Reaves, Connor Ring, Merlin Rivas, Daniel Rodriguez-Martinez, Peter Rummel, Cecilia Sandoval-Castro, Sophia Schaub, Jamaya Shellington, Natalie Taylor, Jayna Tumblin, Maya Turner, Nathaly Ventura, Nathaniel Villareyes, Kyle Vitayanuvatti, Abigail Walker, Sammantha Wiles and Jackson Wood.