Prom season is in full bloom for Floral Design II students

Liberty students create floral arrangements for peers ahead of prom festivities


Hannah Winegardner and Meredith Day work on creating corsages and boutineers for prom. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Burton.

Cathy Rivera, Staff Reporter

Liberty High School has a floral design class, and currently that class is designing  corsages for prom that is coming up on Saturday April 23.

Students can take Floral Design I and II to get the full experience. Both classes are taught by Mrs. Erin Burton in room 144.

Seniors Hannah Winegardner, Sophia Schaub and junior Meredith Day are currently making the corsages. Students can pick any specific colored corsage they would like. They are all real flowers and they start making them a few days before and put them in a cooler when done.

They order the flowers from a company and have them shipped here so they can start making them. To order a flower, students would have to order from a form that they can get in any agriculture classroom.

Winegardner said the class is really fun and she learns a lot. She is in Floral Design II and also has done the first class as well.

“The class is really fun and can contribute to the activity,” said Winegardner.  “I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in working on more hands-on activities.” 

Schaub said she likes the different types of flowers and plants. She also really enjoys the class a lot and she is in Floral Design II.

“I didn’t know there were so many types of flowers,” said Schaub. 

Day has done both Floral Design classes and likes that the class is more hands on. She loves the class and likes the fact that it is a smaller. She would recommend this class to anyone who wants to work with flowers.

“We have done so many activities and noticed how flowers can make everything look gorgeous with bouquets and other arrangements,” said Day. 

Flower pick on orders are available on Saturday from nine to noon in the LHS greenhouse.


Meredith Day, Hannah Winegardner, Sophia Schaub, and Christina Galyen are Floral Design II students after completing the prerequisite of Floral Design I. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Burton.