Gemini Man is Killing it in the Theaters

Gemini Man” is an action packed movie which is a must see for people of all ages. 

The movie is a little slow at the start but it picks up and it did not disappoint. The two big names in the movie are Will Smith and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. 

Henry, who is played by Will Smith, is a retired agent that over the years has eliminated numerous people that have been believed to be in charge of various terrorist organizations. Henry, who is now 51 years old, is getting too old to perform at the same level that he used to. 

Henry is the best in the business at performing his job. A program called Gemini has been looking at Henry for many years and they can see that his skill would be good on the battlefield. The idea of Gemini is that if they can successfully clone Henry, they will not have to risk losing lives in the United States Military.

Henry soon discovers that Gemini has sent a younger version of himself to eliminate him. Gemini wants to eliminate Henry because of the threat that he might fight back and find out about the Gemini program.

While Henry is at his house in the middle of the night, he is attacked by a group of assassins who he finds out are henchmen of the Gemini program. After defending his house, Henry immediately knew that there is someone that wants him dead. Starting his car, Henry goes to see if his friend Danny has been attacked yet.

Danny, who is good friends with Henry, decides to help Henry track down the Gemini program and eliminate who is behind the attacks. Henry figured that since an assault team was sent to try to eliminate him, that Danny could be the next potential target. The both of them quickly run as far away as possible to try to avoid being tracked. 

Henry soon encounters his younger, stronger, and more agile clone of himself. Gemini gave him the name of Junior. Junior has been brainwashed by Gemini to think that he does not have a purpose in life. Junior is equipped with all of the same talents as Henry but he is in better shape than the older Henry because he is younger. 

The leader of Gemini tells Junior that he loves him and wants the best for him. However it is soon discovered that Gemini is cloning Junior and does not care about his feelings. 

After some time of Junior and Henry engaging in a massive brawl, Henry stops Junior and tells him to think about what he is doing and that Gemini is just using him to get what they want. Junior realizes that Gemini is just using him to perform the assassin task of eliminating Henry so that the last threat to Gemini will be neutralized. 

Henry, Junior, and Danny fight their way through the Gemini forces and kill the leader of Gemini. After the leader of Gemini has deceased, Henry introduced Junior into a new lifestyle where he gets his education at a university and studies engineering. Junior begins his new life and follows Henry’s footsteps.

Junior can now make his own decisions because he is free from the slavery of Gemini.