Joe Biden: The Democratic Party’s Only Real Hope

The 2020 Presidential race is heating up with lots of Democratic candidates hoping to challenge President Donald Trump for the Oval Office. There are many Democratic politicians that have caught the eye of the population. Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders are among the top for the Democratic nomination. 

There are several issues that have been discussed over the past few weeks during these debates. Climate change, gun control, and immigration are some of the major issues that have been discussed. What most of the Democratic candidates have in common is the argument that climate change is happening now and that the people need to do their part to save and preserve the planet. Bernie Sanders supports the Green New Deal. The Green New Deal focuses on a United States using 100 percent renewable resources. The people behind this new idea want fossil fuels to become completely irrelevant in ten years. Bernie Sanders wants the United States to push towards the end of exports of coal, natural gas, and many other fossil fuels.

From what I watched so far of the debates, Kamala Harris seems to be the candidate that cares the most about the climate. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden seemed like they were at opposite ends of the spectrum during the first debate but before the start of the second debate, Biden walked up to Harris and shook her hand and said, “Go easy on me kid.”

For the September debate there are a total of ten candidates remaining. A select number of people were asked who they support of the candidates remaining. According to the Presidential poll, Joe Biden is in the lead with 33 percent of the votes, Bernie Sanders is in second with 20 percent of the votes, Elizabeth Warren is in third with 15 percent of the votes, Kamala Harris is in fourth with 8 percent of the votes, and Pete Buttigieg is in fifth with five percent of the votes.

In my opinion I believe that the strongest candidate for the Democratic Primary is Joe Biden. Joe Biden was the vice president under President Barack Obama. Biden seems to be the toughest to beat because of his stance on climate change. The Democratic Party is very religious when it comes to the climate.

Biden supports the Green New Deal to get the United States off of fossil fuels in ten years. Even though the majority of the Democratic Party back Biden up on this issue, I still believe that the United States will be relying on fossil fuels for automobiles in ten years.

During the debate, Biden talks about every nation in the world battling climate change. All of the candidates were asked what the biggest issue or threat to the United States is. Nearly every candidate mentioned that climate change was the biggest issue for the United States. The problem that I have with the Democratic philosophy on this issue is that they never say a word about how bad the nations of China and India pollute. China and India pollute way more than the United States but none of the candidates seemed to mention either of the two nations when climate change and pollution was brought up during the debate.

All in all I do not see a Democratic candidate beating out Joe Biden. I also believe that his experience as Vice President will gain him more votes to win the Democratic Primary. One of the big reasons that I believe that Joe Biden could win the Primary and be elected the next President of the United States is that he does an excellent job of campaigning. Biden needs to do a good job of campaigning in the “flip” states like Pennsylvania and Ohio. 

The Democratic  Party has a common enemy and that is to get President Donald Trump out of the White House. One of the big reasons that I believe that Joe Biden could win the Primary and be elected the next President of the United States is that he is focused on this goal.

The reason Donald Trump won in the 2016 election was because of his strategic campaigning in swing states. If Biden can execute his campaign as well in these states, he has the potential to win the Presidency for the Democrats.