Davenport Debuts Eagle Aid Program

This semester, English teacher Ms. Tiffany Davenport started a new way to help those students in need. The organization is called Eagle Aid. Eagle Aid is open to staff, students, or anyone to donate to help 

students in need anonymously. 

There are a few ways that students can ask for help: a google document that students can access on the flyers around school with a QR code, talk to their guidance counselor, or they can stop by room 122 to see Ms. Davenport. 

Ms. Davenport also has an Amazon account where you can see what is needed for donation at https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/21NSJWMX1NBH?ref_=wl_share.

The amazon list is under my name labeled as Eagle Aid. On the list is all kinds of items that have been recommended to have in the store. If you would like to order anything off the website, it will then be mailed directly to me,” said Davenport. 

Donations are welcome from everyone in the community. 

“Everyone is donating! Students, staff, and people that I know personally are contributing! We are also looking to work with a local food bank to start receiving donations! I saw the idea on social media that another school was doing it and I thought it was really cool to see schools helping their students and creating a service to the community. 

After hearing stories from students and other teachers about some of the students in need at our school, I felt compelled to help make a difference. If these supplies help a few students in this school have one less stress in their life, then we have succeeded in our goal,” said Davenport.

Donations vary from deodorant to shampoo and conditioner.  

“As of right now, we have lots of deodorants! But we could use more supplies like shampoo/conditioner, razors and shaving cream, feminine products, and hairbrushes. If there’s anything that students think of that should be in the closet, we will accept it!” said Davenport. 

Get the word out to students and staff to help be apart of this awesome project.

“I think the biggest thing is getting the word out there that Eagle Aid exists. The program exists to help students at this school! If you have a need, don’t be afraid or too proud to ask. We want to help you succeed!” said Davenport.