Thoughts on Super Bowl LIV: Who Will Take it All? 49ers or Chiefs?

With the 54th Super Bowl occuring Sunday, February 2nd, at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, many students around Liberty High School have been debating on who will take the trophy this year: the Kansas City Chiefs or the San Francisco 49ers?


Joseph Triplett, Freshman

“I think that the 49ers will be the champions this Super Bowl because they have an amazing running back and it goes the same for their defense. With that, I have not seen many teams get past the 49ers and I really think that the Chiefs have been struggling throughout the season to get to the Super Bowl. Overall, I believe that the 49ers had an easier path to make it into the Super Bowl. My favorite player from the 49ers would be their cornerback Richard Sherman because he used to play for the Seahawks, which is my favorite team, and he is very amazing at what he does. My favorite quarterback is Patrick Mahomes because he’s a lot better in the way that he reads the field. Also, Mahomes has a lot more experience. I think that the score will probably end up being 30-21 in favor of the 49ers because the Chiefs will have a hard time getting past the 49ers defense.”


Christopher Molina, Sophomore

“I think that the 49ers will take the trophy home this year because they have been doing excellent as a team and their new players they have this season have been working hard. Also, another key factor that I believe plays in their future win is that throughout the whole season, the team has remained as a family and stuck together through thick and thin. My favorite player from the 49ers is Raheem Mostert because he’s a great player in my eyes. Also, with the fact that he has 29 carries, 220 yards, and four touchdowns so far, those statistics play a huge part in why he is my favorite player. Since I do support the 49ers, my favorite quarterback is Jimmy Garoppolo, also known as Jimmy G. I think that score will be very tight because both teams are great at football but I think it is going to end up with a final score of 43-30 in favor of the 49ers. I think that there will be a lot of fouls by both teams since they are both rivals at this point. I believe there will be no insults thrown around at each other because it could end badly for both teams.”


Carlos Paz, Sophomore

“I think that the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl this year because they are a really strong team when they work together. They don’t give up whatsoever and they have one of the smallest amounts of big comebacks in the NFL. My favorite player from the Chiefs is Tyrann Mathieu. He’s a new player for the Chiefs, originally from the Texans, and he had many great seasons with the Texans which carried over to his experience with the Chiefs. Also, the Chiefs proved to everyone that they could get into the Super Bowl because this season, they came ready to play. The Chiefs starting quarterback Patrick Mahomes has not lost many games with the Chiefs and I believe that it guarantees a shot for the Chiefs to take the Super Bowl this year. I think that the final score will be 40-32 in favor of the Chiefs because both teams are incredibly great at football and always stay focused. Also, I think there will be many fouls in the game because of the competition that both teams possess.”  


Adrian Martinez, Junior

“I think that the 49ers will take the championship this year because they have a great bond individually and together as a whole team. My favorite football player from the 49ers would have to be the rookie wide receiver Deebo Samuel because I like that he’s a great player and he makes things seem like they are easy for him. I think it is going to be a really exciting game and tough for both opponents but I believe that the final score will be 63-55 in favor of the 49ers. The 49ers have won five Super Bowl rings so far and I’m sure that they will take the win for the sixth ring. I think that the 49ers and the Chiefs both have the type of mindset that never give up, especially since both have had loses in their records. However at the end of the day, they both made it to the Super Bowl with their hard work throughout their seasons. February 22nd will be a very big day for both teams with only one champion coming out at the end of it.”


Dylan Huggins, Senior

“This Super Bowl will be a particularly interesting one.The Chiefs offense has been unstoppable in the postseason.They will have their work cut out for them against a potent 49ers defense. 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa has had an incredible rookie season and will be ready to make the game tough for the Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. I believe the winner of this game will come down to which tight end plays better. George Kittle from the 49ers and Travis Kelce from the Chiefs are the two best tight ends in football. I believe that Kelce will outplay Kittle in the game which will help the Chiefs win. I predict the score to be Chiefs 34 and 49ers 22. I believe that the MVP award will go to either Patrick Mahomes or Travis Kelce.”