Teachers’ Favorite Shows to Binge Watch

Some students have said that they think teachers live at the school. Other students also said that they think teachers do not do fun things outside of school, and that all they do is grade and create work for students. Some teachers do work on school a lot at their homes because they need the extra time, but some teachers have time to do other fun things besides school work. Teachers are into some interesting shows and maybe once students hear about them, they will get into the show, and maybe they will have something to talk to their teachers about during class if they have free time.

Teachers in Liberty High School like different varieties of shows. For example, some teachers like cop shows,  political dramas, science fiction drama, sitcoms, comedy-dramas, and more. Most students at Liberty High School most likely think that teachers like boring shows or informational shows, but that’s not always the case.

“My favorite show is “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”  because I love comedy and this is a great story of how a house wife found her way into a new career that makes her happy while bringing joy to others but crazy to her family,” said Mrs. Marek

Some teachers around Liberty High School love cop shows. Some of the cop shows they watch are not your typical cop shows. 

“My favorite show is a cop show called “The Wire.” This is not your typical cop show, it has a complex look at both law enforcement and criminals, and it follows a single case for an entire season,” said Ms. Clark

“My favorite show is a popular cop show called “Criminal Minds.”  I enjoy “Criminal Minds” because of the suspense and science of studying behavior. I also enjoy justice being served to those who deserve it,” said Mrs. Larsen

Some teachers in Liberty High School like old west shows.

“My favorite show is “Yellowstone”, this show is a modern take on the old west with beautiful scenery, horses, and the suspenseful plot,”  commented Ms. McLean. 

Some teachers at Liberty High School really like sitcom type shows.

“My favorite show is definitely “The Office.”  I love this show because the script is funny and the actors do an amazing job playing their characters,” said Ms. Davenport from the English department.

There are a few teachers in Liberty High School that like sci-fi type shows. For example shows about superheroes, time travel, monsters, and more.

“My favorite show is “Dr Who.” I love this show because it involves sci-fi, time travel, and outer space,” said Mrs. Stierle.

The types of shows that teachers like could also be an effect from the subject that they teach in school. For example, science teachers may like shows about space, experiments, or even shows that have things in them that are impossible in the real world. 

For other teachers, their shows of choice are random and unrelated to their school responsibilities.

“My favorite show on Netflix right now is called “The Politician.”  This show is about a high school student who wants to become president. I highly recommend it; and the writing is amazing and is very hilarious,” said Ms. Miller, the journalism teacher. I am also addicted to shows like “Project Runway,” “Say Yes to the Dress,” and of course, “Anderson Cooper 360,” she added.