Food Wars: The Ultimate Chicken Tender Battle


Recently, when stopping for a quick bite I’ve been enjoying chicken tenders. I decided to compare chicken strips from two fast food restaurants. I came to the conclusion that I would put Popeyes and Dairy Queen to the ultimate chicken tender battle. 

I chose to go to Dairy Queen first. I walked into the lobby and received decent customer service from the lady working the lobby. I ordered a 4 piece chicken strip basket that came with fries, dipping sauce, toast, and a drink. I got myself a sprite and proceeded to sit and wait for my food. After about eight minutes my meal was brought out to me by an employee. The wait time for my food wasn’t extremely long and my food was served hot. 

The chicken strips were a little on the smaller size. So I wish they came bigger for their price. The chicken strip basket total was around the price of $6.49. The fries were hot and fresh and made the meal even more enjoyable. I personally loved the taste of the chicken tender itself. They were crunchy and the chicken overall had a good taste. The tenders were good with and without the sauce. Normally, I am picky about honey mustard sauce specifically ,but I loved the sauce with the tenders. 

My next stop was Popeyes. Although the lobby was small and clean, the service to have my order taken was slightly slow. I ordered my food, a 3 piece combo meal that came with a regular side, biscuit, and drink. They were a dollar higher than Dairy Queen, pricing at $7.29. I liked that they had an option of spicy chicken or mild, as Dairy Queen did not have that option. I chose mild to make sure I was getting a true comparison. The wait for my food was about ten minutes and I began to eat immediately. The fries were delicious and truly made the meal complete. I was disappointed because I had to settle for a lemonade as they did not have as many drink selections.

Finally it was time to eat the chicken tenders. Just like Dairy Queen, I decided to eat the chicken with honey mustard. The honey mustard was edible, but I would have preferred better. The tenders itself were not as thick in size, but longer and skinnier in comparison to DQ. The skin was very crunchy and was my favorite part about the chicken tender.

It was finally time for me to make a decision on the winner. I thought about how I love Popeyes french fries, and how Dairy Queen had a larger drink selection to choose from. Then, specifically thinking about the main part of the meal itself, the chicken tenders. Although Popeyes tenders had a very crunchy skin and were long and skinny, I decided I enjoyed Dairy Queens tenders. I liked how the chicken tenders were thicker and filled me up more. 

To choose the winner was hard, but Dairy Queens faster wait time and cheaper price overall gave them the advantage to win. Both Popeyes and Dairy Queens chicken strip baskets tasted great and I will continue to order chicken strips from both fast food restaurants.