Netflix’s “CHEER”: LHS Community Comments


“I started the first episode of Cheer just to see what all the fuss was about. I got roped into the first episode that I watched it in one night. I would not call myself a cheerleading expert, but I have been to a few cheer competitions. Do I know what is going on? No. Am I amazed at the physicality of the cheerleaders and the routines they do? Yes. My niece is a cheerleader here at LHS and she is on the competition team, so I hear about all the things they go through in practice, but have never seen the behind the scenes action of what actually goes on to get their routines so spot on. Watching the show Cheer has given me a whole new appreciation for what they go through at practice and during competitions. It gave me that behind the scenes look of what it takes to make their 2-3 minute routine possible and come out flawless. If you have not watched the show, I recommend you watch it!” said Ms. Sam Rudy.

“I love the show, it shows what cheer really is. It shows how hard cheerleaders work before, during, and after practice. I love how much talent that it shows, and the behind the scenes of how practice goes. It takes so much talent and dedication to be a cheerleader,” said freshman Kira Thomas.

“I love the show cheer because it shows how hard the cheerleaders work. I think it is wrong for people to say that cheerleading is not a sport because it is. You have to tumble when you’re super tired from conditioning, they still work hard,” said junior Katelyn Butler.

“I really enjoy watching the show because I can relate. I do competition cheer too, and I like watching all the stunts and tumbling they do,” said freshman Bailey Allen. 

“I like the show because it shows the hardcore and real nit is to cheer. It also shows how smaller schools can come out on top and beat the bigger schools. I love how it shows that cheerleading isn’t easy and winning doesn’t come easy,” said junior Jessalyn Robinson.

“I loved the show it reminded me so much of what it was like to work hard in the gym. It genuinely made me miss the sport so much. Although, they broadcasted it to seem like Gabi Butler was going to be more as a main character in the show when in reality she was barley filmed,” said senior Kaleece Blackwell.

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