Bolivian Student Arrives to LHS


Luis Martinez Ruelas

Sophomore Luis Martinez is introducing new exchange student, Junior, to our school website.

Liberty is welcoming a new student named Junior Zabala Carreno from Bolivia this week. He is 17 years old, and will be staying here in the United States to study English. He will only stay here for 6 months, and he will then go back to Bolivia to study medicine.

“In Bolivia, since the people end their school career at the age of 17,  I am officially out of school. I will go back to  attend a Uneversidad en Bolivia for 4 years to study medicine. In total, I will be in the university for 7 years, 4 in Bolivia and 3 in the country of Brazil, ” Junior explained.

Junior is enjoying his stay here so far, but notices some major differences.  “I love getting to experience new and different countries. Something difficult for me is the pronunciation of some words in English. It is so different from what the schools in Bolivia taught us. I really think that you have really far away places when it come to food restaurants or entertainment activities here. In Bolivia, the places are really close to each other. Here in the United States there’s many more places to eat than what we have in my country,” he explained.

“My favorite food from here is Chick-Fil-A, and in Bolivian my favorite food is what we call “Majaditos.” This is a dish that combines rice with meat, and fried bananas with fried eggs for the side,” he added.

“The people here speak less, but they are really close to each other when it comes to doing different activities. You would really think that we might have a lot of varieties of foods in Bolivia, but really we don’t. We don’t have Chick-Fil-A  or  McDonalds. We have no buses in Bolivia when it comes to school, and the roads are so much shorter as well. What I like from here is that the Bolivian people only play soccer as their everyday sport. Here, the people have many different sports!” said Junior. 

Junior has visited a lot of different countries around the world, like Argentina,Chile, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, China and United Arab Emirates. He travels to different countries because his mom like traveling and they hope to continue to see the world.