The New Multicultural Club Launches at Liberty


If you have not already heard about it yet, there is a new club at Liberty High School! This new club is called the Multicultural Club and is all about the different types of cultures that are in this world and the history of them. It is about learning about the cultures, but also about making new friends and those friends embracing their culture while you get to embrace your own. The Multicultural Club is very important in the school because it can engage students in discussions to increase diversity, equality, and community here at Liberty High School. 

“I wanted to sponsor this club because I felt that the minority population of the community is really underrepresented. While the club is open to everyone I wanted a place where people who may feel like an outsider or different can come and celebrate those differences,” said English teacher Ms. Davenport

“I wanted to meet new people and embrace where I come from and help other people embrace where they come from,” said senior Chaeli Brooks, the club’s founder. 

Ms. Davenport is the sponsor of the Multicultural Club. The idea of the Multicultural Club starting was brought to Ms. Davenport’s attention by Brooks. Ms. Davenport has always wanted to start this club, but never really knew how to start it. However, Brooks asked Ms. Davenport if they could start the club and if she could sponsor it. 

“I had been interested in doing a club like this for a while, but I did not know how to start it. Chaeli Brooks came up to me with the idea and it just played out from there,” said Davenport.

“I would like to see this club continue as many years as I am here, and maybe even after I leave,” said Davenport.

A club is most likely to succeed if it helps a lot of people and has a lot of support. Hopefully this one will succeed because there are already a lot of people interested in joining.

“My hope is that it will increase in size and that people will want to join something where they can hang out with people from very different places and have different backgrounds and make new friends,” said Davenport.

“I hope as a community that students at this school can become more understanding of each other and becomes a more kind place,” said Brooks.

Things already look promising for the club’s new and enthusiastic members.

“I think that it is important to have the club because in a world that is constantly trying to pull people apart we should be finding ways to unite and come together despite our differences,” added Davenport.

“I love the idea of more representation of people of color in this school,” says junior Princesa Rodriguez.

“In my opinion people of all colors matter and I want to learn different ways of life,”  commented senior Chelsey Bolt.

“I wanted to join because I like different cultures, I like to learn about different cultures, and I like to be heard,”  said freshman Julissa Sanchez.

“I chose to join because I feel like there is a lot of culture at Liberty High School, and I want to be heard and be brought out more,” said sophomore Jario Turios.