Ed Orgeron, the Beginning of a Legacy?


Ed Orgeron had an incredible season with his LSU tigers. In his fourth full season with the team, he finished the season undefeated and won the National Championship. After three consecutive defeats to the Alabama Crimson Tide, Coach Orgeron finally beat his rival in Tuscaloosa. The Tigers torched the Tide by scoring 46 points.

When Orgeron is interviewed by the press, no matter what the outcome of the game is, he always says “Go Tigers!” Orgeron seems to always have a positive attitude even when it does not seem to be going his way.

After their dominant 2019/2020 season, it will be very interesting to see if Orgeron and the Tigers can keep up the pace and still be dominant in the SEC. The SEC is arguably the toughest conference in the country. Coach O was the former head coach of the Ole Miss Rebels, who also play in the SEC. In his three seasons with the Rebels, the coach only won a total of ten games.

I believe that if Orgeron continues to recruit like he did this past season, he has the opportunity to build a very strong dynasty at LSU. The pickup of receiver Ja`Marr Chase was an excellent addition to the receiving core. 

Many people believe that high school players that receive “stars” determines how good of a player they really are. Being a five star recruit technically means that they are ranked the highest in that particular class. The recruit rankings are numbered 1-5. LSU receiver Justin Jefferson was just a two star recruit coming out of high school. I think that Coach Orgeron looks more at a particular player than just what star they are.

This is good for college football because it give more athletes the chance to show off their talents. In my opinion, stars do not matter because the star does not tell the coaches and recruits how hard a player works. It might be better to have a two or three star recruit that works very hard, then to have a five star recruit that gets in trouble and has no self-discipline.

One good sign for Orgeron and the LSU Tigers is that they finally beat Alabama. In recent memory, Alabama has had their way with the Tigers. The Tide had won the past eight meetings prior to the 2019 football season. If Orgeron can start a dominant winning streak against the Tide, the Tigers have a very good chance of seeing themselves in the College Football Playoff again in the near future. The Tigers and the Tide are projected to be the two top teams in the SEC again in the 2020/2021 football season.
Joe Burrow was a third string quarterback heading into his senior season at Ohio State. When Burrow was open for transfer options, Orgeron decided to take a chance in him because he saw that the talent and the team mentality was there. Burrow ended up winning the Heisman Trophy and breaking the FBS record for most touchdown passes in a single season.

There are many people that are still doubting the Tigers. Many fans believe that this one “special” season was simply a fluke and that the Tigers will go back to their losing ways to Alabama. Only time will tell to see if Orgeron can keep up the pace and exceed expectations again next season. Considering that the Tigers had Joe Burrow, it is hard to argue that the talent on the team was overpowering.

  All in all, I believe that Orgeron has completed the first step of his dynasty. His recruiting game will play a key role in this process. If the program continues to have a top recruiting game, it is hard to see the old school ways of Coach Orgeron to fall apart at LSU.