Shoe Wars: Which Skating Footwear Is Worth Your Time?

Skaters that love the sport and the style will always tell you that grippy, comfortable shoes are super- important products, almost as important as the actual skateboard.

When it comes to having the best shoes for skating, it would definitely come down (in my opinion) to the SB Nike skating shoes and Vans Old Skool pro skating shoes.

I really don’t have anything against either brand, but I have been an owner of both shoes. For this article, I tested them in skating, level of grip, and the endurance of the shoe itself. At the end of the day, I found positives and negatives in both shoes.

My experience with the SB Nike skating shoes was that it was the best feeling overall. The strong level of grip that they have makes them the best skating shoes that I have tried so far. I personally like these shoes because of how long they last, and not just that, but because of how they feel.

These Nike skating shoes are created by Shane O’Neill, and he made them the way that he thinks and knows a skating shoe should be made. He is actually a skater and is sponsored by the Nike brand. The Nike SB skating shoes make me feel very comfortable as I skate.

The Vans brand has always been one of my favorite brands to wear. The variety that the Vans brand always offers is amazing.

I really have no hate for  Vans, but I can really say honestly that the Vans are really not good for skateboarding.  I really don’t recommend Vans for skateboarding because of the lack of grip in the sole of the shoe. Vans s will end up ripping on the sides of the shoes if they are worn regularly. I would say that you would start seeing the rips by the fifth to the tenth time that you skate.  Of course, it would all depend in how you skate,and how long every day..

The SB Nike skating shoes are in the range of $80-90 in any place you might be looking for them. The Old Skool Vans skating shoes will be around $60-65 in any Vans store. If you are a skater like me, the Nikes will be the best of the best when it comes to the grip, performance, and the comfortableness of the shoe itself. I will end up recommending the SB Nike Skating shoes.