The Halls Are Alive With Another LHS Musical: “The Sound Of Music”


Liberty High School’s theatre department always ends their year with a musical. This year they decided to do “The Sound of Music.

Even though they just finished “Narnia” last Saturday, that does not mean they are taking any sort of break. They already had auditions for “The Sound of Music” and the show has been cast! The cast is already busy preparing for the show which will be performed on April 17th, 18th, and 19th. 

The cast list includes junior Sara Clark as Maria, junior Katie Castro as Mother Abbess, sophomore Jacob Hurley as Captain Von Trapp, senior Lainey Carroll as Liesel, senior  Zachary Wood as Rolf, sophomore Emily Johnston as Baroness Elsa Schraeder, junior Ali Wright as Sister Berthe, senior Cora Inez Shepard  as Sister Margaratta, sophomore Joselyn Tyree as Sister Sophia, sophomore Gavin Standish as Friedrich, sophomore Elizabeth Wolfert as Louisa, 6th grader Colin MacMahon as Kurt, freshman Emmy Beach as Brigitta, 4th grader Kenzie Roof as Marta, preschooler Pacey Carroll as Gretl, freshman Jackson Wood as Max, exchange student Erik Hannemann as Herr Zeller, junior Sofia Cortez as Frau, junior Miles Blue as Franz, senior Niko Salinas as Admiral Von Schreiber, freshman Micah Carroll as Baron, and freshman Maia MacMahon as Baroness Eberfeld.

Along with this amazing cast is the ensemble which includes Ngozi Alia, Tatianna Hotchkiss, Alba de Sande Lopez, Salma Hussen, Micah Carroll, Cian Carroll, Sofia Cortez, Myles Blue, and Sammantha Wiles. 

“When I found out that I got the role of Maria I cried. I really did. Happy tears of course! I’m very humbled by this role, but at the same time I’m very excited!” said junior Sara Clark.

Students may have noticed that in the cast there are a few of upcoming Liberty High School students that are currently in lower grades. These students consist of sixth grader Colin MacMahon, fourth grader Kenzie Roof, sixth grader Cian Carroll, and preschooler Pacey Carroll. They are super excited to be in their first high school production! 

“I’m super excited but nervous about being in the show. I think being in the show will help me overcome stage fright,” said sixth grader Cian Carroll.

In order to put on a fabulous show the cast must work extremely hard on not only memorizing all of the lines but their execution as well. All of this takes time, so they practice and rehearse every Monday through Thursday from 2:45 to 5:00 from now until tech week!

“To memorize my lines, I rewrite my lines over and over until I get them perfect, and I also write the first letter of every word that I have to say, which helps a lot,” said Elizabeth Wolfert, who plays Louisa.

As Liberty High School’s theatre department wraps up their phenomenal year, they are saying goodbye to some of their beloved seniors, four of which are in this production, Lainey Carroll, Zachary Wood, Cora Inez Shepard, and Niko Salinas

“We’re taught by Ms. Ott to empathize with our characters, to learn why they do the things they do. That’s an incredible lesson to take in the real world with you. This show being my last, it’s going to stay with me forever. It’s sad, but exciting to see what lays ahead,” said senior Lainey Carroll.

This year’s theatre seniors have inspired and been  role models to so many underclassmen. 

“Lainey Carroll has inspired me in many ways. She is a very good friend that always makes sure everyone is okay, included, and enjoying what they are doing. Lainey also has intense dedication to the shows and every single character she has played,” said freshman Emmy Beach, as Brigitta. 

All of the seniors will be missed by the crew and the directors.

“A piece of advice I would give to the seniors is to be kind and never stop fighting for your dreams, empathize, and encourage others and yourself. Money in replacement for passion is not worth the cost. Be a sword that heals,” said Ms. Ott, director of “The Sound of Music,” and the theatre teacher at Liberty.

Do not forget to mark the calendar for April 17th, 18th, and 19th, and come watch Liberty High School’s last performance this school year!