New Kids on the (Writer’s) Block Have the Write Stuff

Writer’s Block is back! Do you need help writing a paper, essay, or even just a strong paragraph? There are expert students available to assist you!

“Writer’s Block is a place/time where any LHS student who has any paper, essay,research project, or anything related to writing and the writing process can come for help,” said by Mrs Adrian the faculty sponsor of this club.

The hopes of the staff can have a major impact on the state of the club, but with ambitions like this, Writer’s Block likely to go well.

“Through Writers’ Block, I hope to give my peers a safe space to go, to improve their writing. I want Writers’ Block to allow students to feel confident in their writing abilities and help bring out their creativity,” said Maddie Serttas a senior, when asked what she hoped to achieve with Writers’ Block. 

“My goal is to have insight on other writing methods and give the English Department a better rap,” said Catherine Okai-Brown, a senior Writer’s Block tutor when asked the same thing.

So what should you do if YOU want some help from Writer’s Block? Just show up!

“Writers’ Block is held in room 102 on the first floor (next to the elevators) and is available currently every Thursday during one lunch (12-1pm). It is staffed by student volunteers who have been recommended by their previous English teachers who are not only good writers, but  who are also helpful, compassionate and dedicated to struggling students,” explained Mrs Adrian. 

There are many reasons that a person would get in to the new Writers’ Block, maybe to support students or maybe even to gain insight on their own writing styles.

“I decided to join Writers’ Block because I feel this is a great resource for students to use in high school that will provide skills that will be beneficial later in life. Mrs. Adrian gave me the confidence I needed, because I am a good writer and I hope to pass on the confidence to others,” said senior Madi Serttas on why she joined as a peer tutor.

“I want writing to be more appreciated and tutoring is the first step of that,” added senior Catherine Okai-Brown.

Remember, the Writer’s Block tutors are there to offer help and support, but they won’t do ALL of the work for students.

“Writers’ Block tutors will help students brainstorm, organize, draft, and revise. They will be able to answer questions on style (MLA, Chicago,APA)” said  Mrs Adrian.

“Writers block gives students the opportunity to open up and indulge in their struggles with writing. The tutors are there to listen to students and help them with whatever they need help with in writing. Writers block enlightens the kindness, compassion, and willingness students have to help other students succeed. The writers block program illuminates the service in the LHS community,” said Johana Andrade-Monroy.