Swim Concludes Strong Season


It is the end of the swim season for Liberty High School. Liberty has 4 swim members going to regionals. Although Liberty only has 4 teammates going to regionals, Liberty is still hoping to go in strong and win 1st place. 

This year’s qualifiers for swim regionals were William Frederick, Erin Frederick, Meghan Tucker, and Jennifer Cannon.

“The team is excited to go to regionals. I think we have a good chance because we have worked so hard this season. I personally think I have improved and have deserved to get this far and finally get to show what I can do in regionals,” said Will Frederick.

One of the stronger swimmers is Will Frederick. His best time in the regular season  was 59.45 in the 100 backstroke. Liberty is hoping Will does well and is feeling good at regionals. 

Liberty swimmers work hard every day to come this far. The swimmers go to the WARF to practice 5 times a week before school for an hour to improve and do better every time. Throughout the season the team has improved a lot since the beginning, compared to the end. 

The practices for the team are rising early in the morning. They go to the WARF to practice from 5:30 to 6:30 to get an early swim in. Most of the players did not know if they were going to like early morning practice ,but now many love it. It helps them wake up from an early swim to get refreshed in the morning. It also gets them relaxed before school so they feel good when they are chilling or just sitting down in class. It gives the team members time to think and have fun so they have time to wake up in the morning so they don’t have to focus on school in the early morning.

The reason the Liberty swim team has improved throughout the season is because of their coach. Mrs Lane pushes them to work harder and do better every day of the week. That way, the team can do better and beat their competitors.

“This is the first year I coached swimming and it has been a lot of fun. I have seen where the team has improved and developed. I will now know how to understand the team and have more experience as a coach so I can use what worked for next year,” said Coach Lane.

The Liberty swim team bonds with each other to push each other to their limits. The coach doesn’t just push the team members, the team members push each other. Everyone supports all of their teammates and has one another back in practices and meets. They set goals for each other so they work harder to reach and get to their goal. That’s why they support each other, to get better. Their goals are why the team has improved so much through the season. 

“The team bonds and understands each other and we work hard as a group to do better. The team is hard working and always tries their best to do better and do their best in anything,” said Jennifer Cannon. 

Stay tuned for our update on the results from regionals!