This Positive Peach of a Palette Performs

This weekend I decided to do a little shopping on, and I decided to buy the “White Peach” Too Faced eye-shadow palette. The palette was originally $45.00, but I got it on sale for only $27.00, A HUGE steal. 

Shipping with this palette went very smoothly, and arrived just on time. I ordered the palette on February 6th and it arrived the afternoon of February 10th. On time, which I was happy about, I was so excited to get my hands on it so I could play around with it.

After I got my package I immediately ripped the box open to see my new palette. I pulled the palette out of the wrapping and I was surprised. The box and palette was bigger than I expected! 

The box that the palette came in was an ombre purple to white color with a peach on the front, saying “White Peach” in the middle of the peach. On the front of the box it says that the palette is infused with peach and sweet fig cream. On the back of the box it has that the palette was created with matte, shimmer, and glitter shadows that add dimensions and light to the rest of the collection. 

Zoe Lowe

On to the actual palette- it is super cute! It is also purple to white ombre color saying “White Peach” on the front. I love the gold lining around the palette, and there are two buttons that you push apart to open the palette, and they are peaches.  

The palette comes with a pretty big mirror and 12 different colors: “Peach Cream,” “Peach Suede,” “Peaches & Dreams,” “Creme De La Peach,” “Peach Sorbet,” “Glistening Peach,” “Peach Smoothie,” “Sweet Fig,” “Peach Ice,” “Fuzzy,” “On The Grill,” and “Peach Passion.” 

Each color is unique and different. “Peach Cream” is a very light cream color, which is good to use from your crease to your brow bone. It is a good base to start with.

“Peach Suede” is a pink peach color to use in the crease. This color is very light and not too harsh.

The third color on the top row is “Peaches & Dreams,” this is a light orange gold shimmer color to blend into the crease and into the outer corner of the eyelid. 

“Creme De La Peach” is a super peachy shimmer color. This color is another color you would blend on the crease.

One of the matte colors “Peach Sorbet” is a darker peach color. This color is good for blending into the crease and upward. 

My favorite color in the palette is “Glistening Peach.” This color is a pink shimmer good for putting on the eyelid and blending to the lash line. 

Another color is “Peach Smoothie.” This color really looks like a light pink smoothie if you ask me. For this color you would want to blend into the crease and upwards. 

Zoe Lowe

Onto the fig part of the palette, there is a color named “Sweet Fig.” This color is a darker matte shade good for blending on the eyelid. 

“Peach Ice” is another one of my favorite colors. It is an icy white shimmer color. “Peach Ice” is a good highlighting color to dab into the corner of your eye to complete your look. 

The color “Fuzzy” is a light brown color. This color would be good to blend from the crease to brow. A super cute and soft color. 

“On The Grill” is a dark brown matte shade. This color is good to put on the outer crease and smudge into the lower lash line for a good look. 

The last color in the palette is “Peach Passion.” I personally really love this color. It is a blue purple shimmer color good for the eyelid.

Zoe Lowe

The pigment for all of these colors are so good, and all of the colors are soft. I like the different variety of colors that come with this. It is good for all year round. 

The palette also came with a small booklet called “How-To Glamour Guide.” It shows three different looks: “Bottomless Bellinis,” “Peach Sugar,” and “Peach Smoke.” This booklet gives you those three looks and tells you had to do them with just four easy steps. 

“Bottomless Bellinis” step one is to apply “Peach Cream” from crease to brow. Step two says sweep “Peach Suede” into crease and blend into crease and blend into outer corner of lid. Step three is press “Creme De La Peach” onto the lid and blend outward. Step four dab “Peach Ice” into the inner corner eye.

“Peach Smoke” step one is to apply “Peach Cream” from the crease to the brow. Step two is sweep “Peach Smoothie” into crease and bland upwards. Step three is press “Peach Passion” onto the lid and lower lash line. Step four says smoke “On The Grill” into outer crease and smudge into lower lash line. 

“Peach Sugar” step one is to sweep “Peach Sorbet” into crease and blend upwards. Step two is to blend “Sweet Fig” onto the lid and smudge into the lower lash line. Step three is to press “Glistening Peach” onto the center of lid and lower lash line. Step four is dab “Glistening Peach” into the inner corner. 

Zoe Lowe

Overall I LOVE this palette, the packaging, the colors, and the “How-To Glamour Guide.” I would really recommend this to anyone, even if they are not big on makeup. It is a super cute palette, small, and easy to carry around.