Coach Spotlight: Coach Determan

Coach Determan, our varsity baseball coach, had been playing baseball all his life, therefore baseball has been with him mostly all his life. He also played and did some other sports for his high school but he has always loved baseball over every other sport that he has played. Coach Determan went to a high school in Manassas, and he then played baseball all 4 years.

 “Yes, I got to play baseball, I got to play at Stonewall in Manassas, where I went to high school. I was a 4-year varsity player there, and I played as a catcher,” said Coach Determan. “I also got to play football and basketball growing up, but I was far better at baseball than the other sports. I had an opportunity to play college baseball, so I focused on that,” he added.

Coach Determan loves to coach baseball and also has a big passion for coaching the Liberty Eagles baseball team. As everybody might know already, Coach Determan also teaches history classes.

“Coaching is an extension of teaching and that’s what really motivated me to be a coach for baseball. I love the feeling of showing someone how to improve, then watching them get better by working at it. This is my 3rd year as head coach for the Liberty Eagles baseball team, but I was an assistant coach for 7 years,” said Coach Determan. 

When asked where his love of baseball came from, Coach Determan traced it back to his childhood and his Dad’s positive example. “My Dad was a great baseball player, and that was why I think that I inherited his love and passion for the game, baseball,” said Coach Determan.