College Perspective: The Universities in Bolivia

The Colleges and Universities in Bolivia have a structure very different than other countries. When you leave to go to the school, you have the opportunity to choose between university public or a private university. The standard university depends on which university you want in. All the universities are different; some are good and other are regular. 

One difference is that other countries, classes are easier in private universities than in public universities. The education system in Bolivia requires the students to write very well and to be competitive to enter public universities. On the other hand, in the private universities, the people only need to pay the amount required by the university.

In the public university,  thousands of students register  to get a space, but the majority fail  because the university only accepts the higher grades and the best athletes in soccer and basketball. For example, last year only  20 percent of applicants were accepted. 

 To postulate in a public university the people need to finish the school and give their school`s grades to the last three courses and give an amount to money that is one hundred dollars to take the academic proficiency test in the university. After taking the test the university choose the best grades thought the students  in the text and the school. In other words,  in the private university, the people have to submit grades and the cost to the university but the grades are not important, because any person that paid the cost of the university can attend.

A private college in Bolivia can cost seven hundred a month, and one semester can cost five thousand dollars the best university. But a regular private university costs approximately  two thousand and five hundred dollars.

The test to enter in a public university is called PSA. It is about the differents subjects as chemistry,math, language and physics. The questions are distributed equally among the subjects. First all the students pass class during one month, then they take the test, and finally the university sends an email or calls to them to say that they passed or failed the test.

If they didn’t pass the test, they have the opportunity to take another test, in this case the university counts the last grade and the grades in the school for the applicants. In this way, if they didn’t pass this test, they can to take the test  another year.

A fact important is that the  most popular university careers in Bolivia are medicine and architecture because these careers have a big demand. Work in Bolivia is easier to get in these careers. At the same time, these are the most expensivecareers to prepare for. For example, my friend right now is in medicine and he told me that every moment he is spending money on expensive projects, models, and books in the university.

About the tuition, the people can get scholarships in Bolivia with high grades. The standard grade depends on the university; igood ones have higher standards and  regulars have lower standards. Another scholarship option is for sports. To get these tuition scholarships, the athletes have to play soccer or basketball, and have an excellent hierarchy in these sports.