How to Become a Better Student

Sitting at a desk, getting up every hour or so to change classes, a small break for lunch, for eight hours, five out of seven days a week. That is how a school would be described by students without the learning aspect. 

Whether in elementary, middle, or high school, it can be more difficult for some students than other students to succeed and do well in school, especially if they participate in sports, clubs, after school activities, and other things non-school related. 

Many students do not understand that how they do in school can and will affect their future. Though the students’ grades may not be important, education and practice of responsibility and more are. 

Education can help you in several ways. It can help you to learn how to learn. It opens your mind to different ways of knowing, which helps in problem-solving effectively through life’s problems and thinking critically about life and the world. Education can prepare you for a job or a career. It helps to provide you with meaningful choices. It can also expose you to things you would normally not be exposed to. You meet people from different walks of life, who have incredible stories to share, who can teach you things, or who can learn from you. Education is a wonderful thing,” said Educational Consultant and Chief Academic Officer Luis Valentino. 

The following tips are just a few ways of how any scholar can become a better student.

1.Time Management

Good time management skills help students prioritize tasks so they can complete school 

work and assignments on time. It can also help students avoid the dreaded procrastination problem, which can result in stress, frustration, and poor grades for the student.

2.Be organized

Being able to stay organized can have lots of benefits. The best way to stay organized is by having a planner to keep track of homework, due dates, and other important dates. Also, having different supplies for EVERY class is easiest, whether it be a binder, folder, or notebook. Keeping each class supplies different it will be easier for you to find when the time comes.

3.Dedicate a certain area at home for working on school 

A desk is the best choice for a working area at home. Sitting at a desk will keep you more awake rather than lying on the bed. Also having supplies right at the desk can be convenient at times

4.Attend and be active in class

Showing up to class physically is one thing, but showing up and mentally being there is another. While in class pay attention, take notes, and ask questions. Do not fall asleep, if you start to feel yourself fall asleep, take a little walk and/or drink some water


Whether it be just for a few minutes every night, before a quiz or before a test, always take a few minutes to review your notes to refresh your memory.

6.Eat well

Eating well not only feeds your body but your mind too. Eating well will keep you healthy to continue going to class and your mind going at its best function. 

7.Getting a full 7-8 hours of sleep

Sleep deprivation can negatively affect your focus. Avoid looking at your phone and/or television for the last hour you are awake and drinking anything that contains caffeine. Having fully rested can give you lots of energy for learning the next day!