Everyone is Falling in Love with “Love is Blind”

Airing on February 13, the first five episodes of the Netflix original “Love is Blind” premiered and people around the country went crazy for it. With there being ten episodes in the first season, this dating show has a unique structure. With fifteen women and fifteen men, the objective of the show is for the men and women to not focus on physical appearance. Due to this, for the first ten days of the show, the singles will only be able to associate and get to know each other while sitting in individual pods, unable to see each other. 

After getting to know each other and develop connections, the singles are able to become engaged and finally be able to see each other. Eventually, the couples move in and live with each other where their connections are put to the test. If all goes well, the couples will eventually be able to have their bachelor and bachelorette parties and become a happily married couple.

This show has been one of my favorite dating shows that I have watched because it seems super genuine. Ever since the beginning, the people involved within the show seem to be there to really find love and get to know and progress with other people. Also, ever since I started watching the Bachelor and Bachelorette, I have always been super interested in these types of shows. 

Going more in-depth into the show, I also became super interested in the show when I learned the main concept behind the series. As mentioned before, the main focus of the show is for people to get to know each other and fall in love without their physical appearances being a deciding factor. I found this aspect of the show very intriguing because even though there have been a few shows similar to this in the past, there has not really been any recently. In addition to it playing a huge part at the beginning of the show, it also carries into after the singles finally see each other because they have to decide whether or not they want to continue or if they can handle it in real-life situations.

However, one part of the show that I disagree with is the time period that the couples have to get to know each other and form a life together. When starting in the speed dating round, singles only get ten days or less to decide who they want to be engaged with. Typically in most every real-life situation, ten days is not even enough time to truly get to know one another, let alone get engaged. After the engagement, couples have another 30 days to live with each other, get to know each other more, and decide if they want to get married. Overall, this process is a total of 40 days and if someone thinks in the grand scheme of things, that is only 40 days to decide if they want to spend the rest of their lives with each other. In my opinion, this part of the show is very unrealistic and often leads to disastrous endings.

All in all, I truly do love and recommend this show to many. Despite the time being provided, the show is very well made and definitely very entertaining to certain audiences. Even though there has been no guarantee of a second season, with how well the first season did, there are many speculations of a second season being produced.