LHS Students Rock the Runway at the Fashion Show

On March 5th, the advanced fashion marketing class held its annual Fashion Show in the auditorium during the first quarter of one lunch. Directed by Mrs. Hermes, hosted by Julia Crofford and Julia Hoffman, and additional planning from Kristeena Kenny, Allyson Bryant, and Lynnsey Painter, organizing a fashion show is more than just the flashy dresses and suits. A lot of background work is required to give the show it’s signature flair.

Liberty High School Twitter Page (@LHSEaglesVA)
Seniors Carmella Garner and Bryan Barnes on the runaway.

The phenomenal models of the show include seniors Funmibi Akinyemi, Bryan Barnes, Derrick Brookes, Carmella Garner, Anna Gleason, Wenter Johnson, Kristeena Kenny, Elizabeth Pailla-Delgado, Marlon and Steven Paz, Jesus Reyes, Reagan Robertson, Kayla Smith, and Anna Urbanski, as well as juniors Brendlie Quintero and Savannah Barb. Deputy Meyer, Mr. Jones, and Ms. Poles also participated on the runway. 

The dresses and suits were supplied by Warrenton Jewelers and Dejavu, a thrift store with beautiful dresses in Old Town Warrenton. 

Liberty High School Twitter Page (@LHSEaglesVA)
Junior Savannah Barb and senior Steven Paz walk the runway.

The fashion department had other valuable people such as seniors Kaitlyn Shifflet with sound design, and Keyana Brown as the cosmetology specialist. Other key helpers within the fashion show are sophomore Mariela Escobar, senior Mya Hord, senior Shalayah Minifield, sophomore Casey Vela-Davila, and senior Isaac Wills. 

The dresses and suits were supplied by Warrenton Jewelers and Dejavu, a thrift store with beautiful dresses in Old Town Warrenton.
Mr. Jones, one of the economics and personal finance teachers, picked his suit from Warrenton Jewelers, because of it’s white on black look.

“I wanted to do something differently, you always see a black jacket and a white shirt, and never the other way around.” He said. “It wasn’t hard to find, I knew I wanted it right away when I saw it. It was unique, it stood out, and it spoke to me.”

Liberty High School Twitter Page (@LHSEaglesVA)
Senior Kayla Smith and junior Brendlie Quintero showing off on the runway.


“I wore this dress to Prom last year. I love the top of the dress and the flowingness of it. It wasn’t hard for me to fall in love with it as it was the first one I tried on,” said junior Savannah Barb.

“It was hard to find the perfect dress for me, there were so many choices. It was my first time ever participating in a fashion show. I was very nervous, I had never been in front of so many people before and it was difficult to walk properly in high heels. But if I could do it again, I absolutely would,” said senior foreign exchange student Anna Urbanski.
Seniors Julia Hoffman and Julia Crofford both provided commentary to the fashion show. 

Liberty High School Twitter Page (@LHSEaglesVA)
Senior Wenter Johnson and senior Marlon Paz walk the runway.

“We both did announcing at the talent show, so it only seemed fitting. It’s really helped with public speaking as well,” they said. 

During the show, the models would walk down the stage with their partner, before walking to opposite sides of the stage. The runway was illuminated by wonderful string lights, and the backdrop was decorated with pink and red hearts, to match the theme.

Any student that may be interested in the fashion show, or fashion in general, should look into joining the Fashion Marketing class with Mrs. Hermes, where they can get an inside look on how fashion trends are made and how to learn to market fashion in all sorts of ways.