Girls Soccer Kicking Into the New Season

It is the start of the season for the Liberty High School girls soccer team and so far at practice the girls are looking really good. The good thing about the girls Varsity soccer team is that the team mostly consists of only juniors and seniors so the team has more experience going into games.

“I am so excited for our first game! Our team together looks really good and I think we will have potential and show what we can really do. We want to win our first and most of our games,” said junior Jazmyn Reynolds. 

“I feel that my teammates are very talented and have great communication throughout practice and in games. It helps us know where our teammates are at on the field and if we are in trouble or need help. It help us be more accurate and make better plays on the field to find better shots or a way to score,” said Senior Jewel Reynolds. 

The JV team has ten freshmen and seven sophomores. Even though the team has a bunch of young players, the players will find chemistry and potential before the teams first game. The chemistry they build will help them succeed in there season as they learn to work with one another. 

“I think our team has a great future, we haven’t had our first game yet, but I have seen how we work together at practice. At practice you can see the chemistry between each player and see how great we work together. We all have great communication so it helps us bond and let your teammates know where you are. The team also has great skill with our amazing footwork so we can get around the defenders to find a play to score. At the end of every practice I fell that we are getting better and bonding as a group. We know that team can not be carried by one person so we try to work together at practice so it works out in games,” said Freshman Maya Turner. 

The JV girls have goals for this year to help them have a big winning season.

“Seeing the different types of skill level motivates me to play better and work harder to get better to earn my position. As well as working together to achieve success and making new friendships so we can play better in a game,” said Freshman Emily Barnes.

“My personal goal this year is to just do the best I can and help people do there best. I want to find a bond so that we have chemistry on the field. That way the team can make smarter passes and better play throughout the game,” said Freshman Carolyn Maines.