Boys Soccer is Setting High Goals!

It has come time for the Liberty High School’s boys soccer season to start and so far, the boys soccer program has been separating players to either JV or Varsity. There are a lot of freshman players on the varsity team this season with four freshmen, along with nine sophomores, three juniors, and three seniors. Both sides of the soccer program are looking good in practice.

“I really feel good that we have a lot of young players on Varsity and we will still remain to be a strong and great team. Some of the personal goals that I have are to develop teamwork within the whole team and have good team chemistry. The team is definitely looking forward to scoring a lot of goals and winning many games this year by working hard together as a family. With new teammates on our team, I really feel like we are going to have a lot more chemistry just because we have all been playing for a long time and are very experienced. What keeps me motivated when I am out on the field playing in a game is my family members andalso my soccer family cheering me on,” said freshman Joseph Triplett. 

“The season started off a little slowly but picked right back up from where I left off last season. We have a good team, amazing players, and we also just need to work together as a team. My personal goal for this season is to score a goal and get assists. As a team this year, we are looking forward to winning the district and crushing all the other schools. With getting new teammates this season, they are definitely amazing players and just need to communicate and work together so the team can show improvement throughout the season. My motivation during the season is looking back and reliving all of my training and efforts that I had to do to get me where I am right now. Also, I love that special feeling you get after you win the game and you get to share that feeling with your teammates,” said sophomore Buddy Ball.


“I’m feeling great about the season this year just like how I felt with our previous seasons and I am looking forward to trying to win most of our games this year. To win as many games as we possibly can is one of my personal goals. I am looking into having great experiences with the whole team and especially playing with a lot of determination to be able to win every game and get to have those cheerful moments. I feel good about the new teammates that joined us this season because I know them all and we all have great team chemistry with each other. My motivation to keep me going this season is if I ever make a mistake or do something wrong, I can use them to improve and become stronger for the next challenge,” said sophomore Christopher Molina.

“I feel very excited for the new season this year and can’t wait to play for the boys soccer team. My personal goal this year is to just play good and help my team out as much as possible. We are all really looking forward to first, going to states and second, just improving overall. I feel great about the new players coming in this year because they’re mostly my teammates from JV so we know each other well. My motivations in and out of the field are to just be myself and play my games so I don’t worry about anyone else and just focus on myself and my team,” said sophomore Federic Ortiz.

Despite all the challenges they will face this season, boys soccer has so much focus for the whole season and they are hard working athletes and will end with a great season overall.