Dear Class Of 2020


It wasn’t supposed to end like this. This year was the year of many lasts. Our last homecoming, last football game, last basketball game, and many more. 

Senior year came to a pause, just hours after we took our last midterm, and here we are, a week and a half into our “break” finding out that we won’t ever get those last few weeks to enjoy our senior year. Seniors won’t get their senior prom, their last senior night, their senior field trip, one last senior class picture, a proper goodbye to classmates that we may never get to see again, or even a graduation.

We were getting ready to leap into adulthood, find out what the real world is like. We were ready for the last prom, to say goodbye, and to walk the stage to be able to say we made it. We were ready to go away to our dream schools in August, and now everything is up in the air for questioning. Nothing is for certain. We came into this world during one of the most remembered times in history, 9/11. Now we’re really living in a worldwide pandemic, COVID-19, something that our kids will study when they’re in school. 

As we go through with these precautions for COVID-19, please remember to practice social distancing. Always wash your hands, stay home, and stay safe. Play a board game with your family, have a movie night, or even make a Tik Tok (or two.) Also keep your friends and teachers in mind. 

To all the friends throughout the last four years of our lives, thank you for so many memories and laughs. To the teachers who worked hard to help push us and motivate us, thank you. To the coaches who always had our backs, thank you. To all the parents who drove to all the games, helped finish the last minute projects, and helped take away all the stress, thank you. To all the administration, thank you for working hard to keep us safe and for keeping us going.

Remember you can do it and to stay positive during these hard times. Our story is NOT over.