Hey All You Cool Cats and Kittens! “Tiger King” Tames Quarantine Boredom


Are you bored in quarantine? Of course you are. Netflix is here to save you with “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness”  a docuseries that debuted on March 20, 2020.

At press time, it is in second place on the top 10 list on Netflix. It is based on a true story is categorized in the genres of true crime, and documentary. This documentary series is way more than just lions, tigers and animal care; it also includes murder, mystery, and all types of mayhem and it includes a lot of surprising twists.

The main characters in this true story are all unique. The story is based upon Joe Exotic, the almost- mythical owner of an exotic animal zoo in Oklahoma. His story involves tigers, husbands, and an intense ongoing battle with animal rights activist Carole Baskin.

Carole Baskin is Joe’s rival and she is presented as an animal lover who wants to save the tigers mistreated by Joe Exotic. She operates an exotic animal sanctuary of her own. She is also accused by many characters of killing her wealthy second husband and feeding him to her tigers, but it couldn’t be proven, so to this day no one really knows if she killed him or if he just disappeared.

The other main character who I don’t feel was really necessary to the story is Bhagavan Antle, otherwise known as
“Doc.” Antle has also been accused by animal rights organizations of beating tigers and placing them in unsafe
exhibits filled with sharp wires and nails and failing to provide them with an adequate amount of water, but the
state district attorney visited Antle at his zoo and found no evidence of animal abuse.

Going deeper into the story of these zookeepers and animal activists, I feel most of the story was focused on
Joe and Carole’s endless rivalry, which was really interesting and brought a lot of great mysteries into this story. Since Carole is an animal activist, she does not like the fact that Joe had tigers caged up and was breeding the tigers.
That started off the angry rivalry between them, because Carole was constantly trying to get Joe’s zoo shut

Throughout this story, Joe was always referencing having Carole killed by someone and he would do
things like send her venomous snakes through the mail and shoot dolls with her name on them on his local TV show. Joe did all of that while trying to keep his zoo running, but it got to the point where he started to care less about the animals and more about the money and his rivalry with Carole. It was unclear whether he actually had the intent to harm her, or if he just loved creating the drama.

At some point in this true story, Joe also actually ran for president and failed, but then he decided he did not want to wait four years to be able to run for president again, so he ran for governor. He failed, but came in third place in the race. Some think he ran for president and governor as a publicity stunt to bring more people into his
zoo, but doing that just made it worse.

Before Joe ran for president, Joe realized Carole was becoming popular online, so he changed his business’ name to something very close to hers. Now, when people looked Carole’s business up online, they would find him instead. This incident caused Carole to sue Joe, and he lost a substantial amount of money. And that’s where another character, Jeff Lowe comes in.

Jeff Lowe is a guy that Joe had asked for help because he had a lot of money and he could really help him
with his business. Upon beginning his partnership with Lowe and his cohort Allen Glover, things began to unravel for Joe. I won’t give away the entire conclusion to this ongoing saga, but ultimately the plot against Carole, the possible animal cruelty, and the ongoing conflicts amongst the characters catch up with Joe Exotic.

Since the series’ release, Joe Exotic, has won over a whole new set of allies against a host of his former
associates and enemies, most prominently the activist Carole Baskin. Some are calling for his release from prison,
where he is now serving a 22-year sentence. Though Joe Exotic is in a federal prison in Texas, his Facebook page has remained active. In a post last week, he asked for help getting a letter to President Trump asking him to “do the right thing and that is pardon me or bond me out during my appeal.”

So in conclusion, this documentary was really amazing and interesting, and the mysteries were definitely the best part of it. I definitely suggest watching this.