Students Enjoy “Me Time” During Stressful Months At Home


Let’s just say everyone knows how this quarantine has affected the community. Some people went onto doing bigger and better things, while others really did nothing. The pandemic started back on March 13th. Most people know that this day is Friday the 13th; how ironic is that? A day of bad luck started all of this.

Let’s fast forward to today; everyone has been in quarantine for six months!  Some people must be going insane by now from staying inside for so long. Just to think about how fast this all went by is wild.  Let’s be honest for a second, a lot of people have learned some good and bad things about themselves. 

Due to quarantine, a lot of athletics had to be canceled or postponed. This either made students have to find alternatives to stay active, or even focus on different aspects of themselves, like being healthier overall.

“Over quarantine, I made sure I wore my mask everywhere I went. It was mostly a boring time so I watched a lot of tv. Something I’m proud of that I did was lose weight. Losing weight has made me more confident with myself. Looking back at myself from when school let out, I feel I have changed for the better. A lot of the time I stayed on Tiktok. Something I learned about myself is that I’m good at helping people out of hard situations. I just wish we could go back to school, but also I want to stay online because it’s easier,” said freshman Lexi Gaché. 

“Over this quarantine, I really didn’t do much. I was sad that I couldn’t play soccer this season due to Covid-19 guidelines. I mostly ate a lot of junk food and watched tv. Something I did learn to do over quarantine was I played basketball and hung out with friends a lot. Something I’m proud of that I did was I mastered Minecraft. I got a little out of shape this quarantine but it’s okay. I really didn’t learn anything new. Something else I’m proud of is that I got a job that pays me pretty well; I’m glad that I could find one! I just can’t wait until things are back to normal,” said freshman Bryan Carrero.

With spending so much time inside, another thing students were able to do was to focus on themselves. A lot of students were able to figure out who they really are and what can make them a better person now and later on in life.

“During this quarantine, I noticed a huge difference in myself. I feel I have changed for the better. I learned that I enjoy doing art, photography, and fashion. Also, I realized I am the happiest when I am surrounding myself with good energy and good people. I am way happier with myself and with what I have become over these past couple months of quarantine. Yes, I am very more confident in who I am now then I was back then. I also gained a lot of self-respect for myself over this break and realized who I was,” said freshman Terry Knighting.

In addition to this, students were able to not only focus on themselves mentally but were also able to find new hobbies they can enjoy and various ways to keep them busy and not bored.

“Looking back over quarantine, it wasn’t too bad. It was very pleasant, even if I did get bored from time to time. I didn’t feel stressed about anything like assignments and sports, so it did change my mindset on some things. I opened up to new hobbies, tried to better myself by working out or changing my look here and there, and getting closer to my family. My confidence is higher than it was before quarantine because I didn’t spend as much time worrying about what other people think since I was mainly around my family, so overall, I think I’m doing pretty good right now,” said freshman Michelle Weon.

“I spent my quarantine most with my family and also skating a lot. Looking back at myself from when school let out, I feel that I have changed a little but not that much. During this break, I have become happier with myself and more confident. I really didn’t learn anything new about myself over quarantine but I might as it continues. Even though I didn’t do any new hobbies, I did make a lot of bracelets over quarantine. In addition to this, I did do a lot of skating too. This quarantine has lead me to make some new friends which I hang out with a lot,” said freshman Nicole Pearson.