Bummed About Basketball: How Covid-19 Affected Student Athletes


The year of 2020 hasn’t been the best year. With the horrific outburst of Covid-19, many of things were shut down. One of the big things was sports. Sports are big for some people, and not being able to play is big. A specific sport that is being hit really hard with this is basketball. With no gyms open, no one was able to play.

About 7 months ago, everything started to shut down due to Covid-19. No one was able to go out and play the game they love. This went on for a while until eventually they started to open training and gyms back up. However, kids and adults just had to get used to it because we all knew that it would be a while until the end of the pandemic.

“In my opinion, not being able to go out and play ball with other guys took a lot out of my time. Usually I’d go play some pickup games with guys and get a good workout in. Since I wasn’t able to do that, I had to go out on my hoop, and that got boring. Also, I wasn’t able to play on any teams which was a bummer,” said freshman Jayden Ulloa.

“Honestly, it didn’t have the biggest effect on me. I usually just go outside and play on my hoop anyway, so it didn’t change much. It was a little different because every once in a while, I would go out and play with some friends and I wasn’t able to do that. Also, I did go to the gym every other weekend to play but not anymore because of the virus. Altogether, it didn’t take a huge toll on how I live my daily life,” said freshman Ryder Meditz.

“It got very boring for me. Not being able to go to a gym got boring because I usually have training every other day but since the gyms closed down, I wasn’t able to do the thing I loved. Basketball is literally all I do and I play video games, but it’s mainly basketball. So with that being said, it did take a pretty big toll and it kind of busted my confidence down a little bit,” said freshman Xavier Jenkins.

“No basketball was hard on me. From going to AAA practice to sitting inside and doing nothing was a big change. I love basketball. I would usually be out playing AAU every weekend and practicing throughout the week; I’d also meet up with some friends and play at the gym. Through this pandemic, I learned that basketball is huge for me and I can’t fathom life without it,” said freshman Kaylen Ulloa.

As anyone can see, being without sports, especially basketball, took a pretty big toll on many student athletes. Not being able to play the sport a student specifically loves is a bummer. Everyone is hoping everything will eventually go back to normal.