Stephenie Meyer Shocks Twilighters with “Midnight Sun” after 12 Long Years


Released on August 4th, 2020, Stephenie Meyer made a shocking comeback in the “Twilight” series after a long period of silence with the companion book “Midnight Sun.” In a total of 658 pages, Meyer is able to retell the first book, “Twilight,” in Edward Cullen’s perspective. During the first book, the epic love story is told through Bella Swan’s eyes, but with “Midnight Sun,” readers are able to experience Bella and Edward’s story in a whole other light.

With selling over one million copies, Meyer retells the story of how Bella and Edward fell in love while overcoming the many obstacles and challenges that a vampire would face while falling in love with a human. The story begins with Edward meeting Bella; a very rough first meeting, may I add. Even though he is very controlling of his urges, he knows their is something different about Bella that he just cannot deny. Moving on from their first meeting, he takes time to himself to reevaluate before meeting with Bella again. From there, the rest is a difficult, yet blissful, history.

Throughout their love story in “Midnight Sun,” the readers experience how difficult it is for Edward to love Bella due to the circumstances. With reading the story through Edward’s eyes, not only does it fill gaps in the 2005 book “Twilight” whenever Edward disappears or leaves, but it also provides an understanding to how Edward treats Bella as she is his whole entire life and what goes through his head when he is making crucial decisions. In addition to this, readers can also comprehend how much Edward truly loves Bella, and how he would do anything for her; it is always nice to read a love story through both sets of eyes.

In my opinion, I truly love this book. I believe it was a great addition to the series and it was released in perfect timing. With the many long years between the last book in the series, “Breaking Dawn,” and this book, it made the excitement for “Midnight Sun” unbelievable. Personally, I preordered the book all the way back in May and I loved every second of reading it when I received it. Meyer has a great style of writing and retells the love story perfectly, not missing any details.

I would strongly recommend this book to readers that have read the whole “Twilight” series before, or at least the first book of the series. Yes, a reader is able to read the book without reading the series first because it is retelling their love story through Edward’s eye, therefore, there would not be confusion. However, if someone reads the series, or at least the first book, before “Midnight Sun,” it makes the whole reading experience truly better. The readers will have a better connection to the characters and it can also fill in gaps that someone may not have noticed in “Twilight.”

For a lot of the Twilighters, the fandom is all curious as to what is next. A majority of the fandom, including me, would love more books in Edward’s perspective, however, Meyer reported that there will be no other books in his perspective. Although, she also stated that there will at least be two more books in the series, just not in Edward’s perspective.

This leaves the speculations and opportunities endless as to what Meyer has planned next. Could there possibly be sequels to “Breaking Dawn?” Could there be a book about the Volturi and how they were created? Or maybe there will be a story about the Cullen’s life before they moved to Forks? Even though the ideas are endless, Meyer has stated that the next book will not be coming out for a long time. For the time being, she is moving on to a completely different and separate project. However, Twilighters can be relaxed with the knowledge of there not being an end quite yet to the “Twilight” series.