Virtual or Hybrid Learning – Which is the Right Answer for You?


School has been very rough this year for many students; virtual learning isn’t always easy! Students all over Fauquier have been learning virtually since mid-August, and although it has been stressful for some, everyone is now starting to get the hang of it.

Then, a school board meeting happened.

They discussed what the next step for school would be. They decided to ultimately reopen schools on November 9th with a hybrid AA/BB schedule. For some this was exciting, but for most, not so much.

So, how are students reacting? Some kids are very excited at the prospect of returning to school in person. However, most are still concerned with safety policies like mask wearing, and whether or not students will willfully abide by these important regulations.

“I am going to be taking advantage of these two days and go back because why not? I’m mostly excited to see my friends when I go back.  I personally think going back will be easier for me because I’m more of a hands-on learner. I’m a lot better at working with my hands than sitting behind a screen. I feel that this plan will not fall through, but only if people follow the rules that are given. I know that we will get better as we practice though.” said freshman Terry Knighting.

“I’m going back to school for the two days as well. I’m most excited about seeing my friends. I feel as the teachers do not really like this plan of going back but I guess it is what it is. I feel that students will keep their distance at school because who wants to catch Covid-19? I don’t really know how kids will react to wearing a mask but I hope they do. I also think that a lot of people will get Covid-19 but it’s just gonna have to go on. During online school right now, I am doing pretty well. It’s definitely not the same but it really doesn’t affect me,” said freshman Austin Tate.

Lots of kids like the idea of returning to school because of the additional help teacher’s can provide in person. Some even think the workflow of school is better balance in person, as opposed to the virtual model.

“I’m going back to school because, without a teacher to help me, I sometimes feel lost and I have little help with my work, and sometimes I panic because they give us so much work to do in such little time.” said Emily Oswinkle.

A few are citing boredom as their reason for going back. These students are using reopening as an opportunity to spice up their lives a little during such a subdued year.

“I am definitely going back to school. Virtual school has been very boring for me, and I have been very bored at home nearly all the time. This will give me something to do! Also, I’ll be able to see some of my friends. Honestly, I think it was a good choice by the school board to bring school back and although it’s an AA/BB schedule, I still think it was a good decision.” said senior Brian Ryman.

Some are even conflicted as to whether or not reopening was the best idea, especially given such short notice.

“I am going back to school and honestly, I’m pretty excited just to get back in the atmosphere of school again! Although, I do have to say, I don’t think it was the best decision by the school board. I say this because firstly, they didn’t really let people know that they were even having the meeting and secondly, students were just now starting to get the hang of all the virtual learning! It will be a change out of nowhere. However, I am going back to school and I’m looking forward to it,” said freshman Kaylen Ulloa.

And there are, of course, some students who are choosing to stick to the virtual model which is already implemented. Whether for personal, sanitary, or other reasons, these students seem to be playing it safe and staying home as to avoid any potential contractions.

“I personally am staying all virtual for the reason that I have a job and I believe that it is the safer way to go about this situation. Trying to balance work with my online schedule is a lot easier than it would be going back to school. I plan to remain virtual for the rest of the school year; I feel as the schools are rushing things. I cannot speak on behalf of the teachers but I can only imagine how they feel with this transition from online to back to school. With returning back so early, I believe that many students and faculty members will catch Covid-19 and that will not be helping to slow the spread whatsoever,” said senior Keely Crane.

“I am personally staying online because I am scared that I might possibly catch Covid-19. I don’t disagree that this is a bad plan about going back to school, I’m just personally scared.” said freshman Jada Shiet.

Some students also have parents who are strictly against returning to school in the first place.

“My parents don’t think its safe for me to attend school yet, so I will be staying virtual until the end of the semester.” said Lauryn Fling

All in all, returning to school is definitely a divisive topic within the community. So, which option is the best one? Well, it certainly varies from person to person. Make sure you assess your needs and educate yourself before diving into a final decision! Remember, safety should be the #1 priority, always.