The Many Hidden Talents of LHS Teachers

The Many Hidden Talents of LHS Teachers

Our community at LHS is so wonderful. It is full of such nice people and so many good influences. A lot of those wonderful people are our teachers here at Liberty. Believe it or not, some of our teachers can do things that a lot of people didn’t even know about. These things can be called hidden talents. Some are cool and funny, and some are totally crazy! How many teachers do you think have a hidden talent?

“I’m not sure if this is a hidden talent, but I can sing. Not many people at Liberty know that I can. I have sang and performed with some local bands over the years. I have been singing my whole life. I have videos of me at around four years old singing Michael Jackson. I practice a lot to increase my vocal range because I normally sing in the alto range. I can also play the piano, the longboard, and the trumpet,” said English teacher Ms. Davenport.

“I am not sure if it is a “hidden” talent, but I guess I am an ok writer. I write for a wedding magazine called “Brides and Weddings.” In our last issue, I had 14 articles published! I kind of always wanted to write for a fashion/lifestyle magazine. That was my original career goal for pretty much my whole life. My other talent is baton twirling. Sadly, it is kind of a useless skill, but I did twirl one baton, two batons, and fire batons in high school and college. I also have done baton coaching and have judged twirling competitions in my adult life,” said journalism teacher Ms. Miller.

There are so many unique teachers at Liberty. Many have gifts that allow them to experience a whole different atmosphere.

“Yes, I have a hidden talent. I photograph small children, I do hair for formal events, specifically up-do’s, event planning, and decorating for events like prom and weddings. For event planning, I was probably in my 30’s when I became junior class sponsor at a school I was teaching in at the time. I have done many proms and weddings. For hair, it was recent. My niece has her cosmetology license and her focus is men’s hair and women’s make-up. She asks me to do the hair for any events that she takes on. With photography, I have always loved to take pictures, but when my grandchildren were born is when I really knew that I loved taking pictures of small children. I do these things in my spare time, usually on weekends,” said math teacher Mrs. Tucker.

Some people that don’t have hidden talents simply have random quirky skills.

“Yes, I can cross one eye at a time. It may sound strange but I can do it. One eye can cross while the other looks straight. I think I was a teenager when I realized I was able to do this. I just think about where I want my eyes to go and I just do it. It is hard to explain but I just do it. I believe that is the only hidden talent I have,” said Mrs. Stottlemyer.

A talent that can make other people happy is perhaps the best kind.

“I actually had to ask my husband this one. He said I am an awesome chef and baker, so I guess that is my talent. Not many people know I try to cook like a pro (in case I set my kitchen on fire LOL), but I share my baking with the English department. I guess I started cooking with my grandmother when I was about five or so. I watched her make bread and pasta, but only when I became an adult did I actually make pasta from scratch. My dad was a great cook; he could pull anything out of the fridge and make a fantastic dinner. My mother was a wonderful baker and I helped her when I was young. Now I watch the Food Network and one of my favorite placed to get recipes is from ‘America’s Test Kitchen.’ Their recipes are always great and almost foolproof. Unfortunately, I don’t have any other hidden talents except perhaps when I annoy my husband,” said Mrs. Adrian.

Just look at all the things our teachers can do. Did you even know your teachers could do any of this? How many teachers at Liberty have hidden talents?