Thoughts On The E! People’s Choice Awards

Thoughts On The E! Peoples Choice Awards

On November 15, 2020, the 46th E! People’s Choice Awards ceremony was held in Los Angeles. The E! People’s Choice Awards is an event held yearly where the people of the world vote for all of their favorite entertainers, movies, shows, songs, etc.

With everything going on this year with COVID-19, this event was held a little differently than all the past shows. This event had Demi Lovato as the host, it was held non-virtually, and had VIP guests who attended through a virtual call. For instance, Jimmy Fallon was featured in a call but when he won the award, his mic was muted so his speech couldn’t be heard, but he did look like he got emotional.

Of course, since the people got to vote there were going to be a few of the nominees that won that some people who voted wouldn’t be happy about.

One of the decisions I personally do not agree with is the Female Movie Star of 2020. I, of course, have not watched every movie in either of the categories, but I think Camila Mendes should have won Female Movie Star of 2020. Her performance in the Netflix movie, “Dangerous Lies” was beyond phenomenal and showed some award-worthy emotional acting with some parts of the movie.

I feel like it’s not surprising that an amazing actress, Tiffany Haddish, who played in a comedy movie, won Female Movie Star of 2020. I do feel that there are some factors that could have played into her winning the award. One of the factors, of course, is that she is an amazing actress, and the second factor is that the comedy movie genre is more popular than the drama movie genre. I do wish that Mendes won the award for Female Movie Star of 2020, but I can not deny the fact that Haddish gave an amazing performance as well.

If there are decisions for winners that the voters of this event would not like, then there of course have to be some outcomes that the voters do like and agree with.

Two of the outcomes for award winners I agree with and love are the Show of 2020 and the Female TV Star of 2020. The winner for the Female TV Star of 2020, Ellen Pompeo, actually stars in the Show of 2020, “Grey’s Anatomy,” so these awards kind of go great together. I think Pompeo really deserved to win the Female TV Star of 2020, though I have only seen her act in one show. Watching her in one show is really not a lot of proof to think someone is an amazing actress but obviously, the majority of voters agree with me. I think Pompeo deserved to win because of the way she really fits the character, Meredith Grey, in “Grey’s Anatomy” and like Mendes, Pompeo really acts out all the emotions past the limit in “Grey’s Anatomy.” When Pompeo acts in her show, I can really feel the chemistry between her and the other actors/actresses in the show. Though they don’t show it during episodes, I can still sense that Pompeo has good or normal relationships with her castmates. I am really glad she won her very deserved Female TV Star of 2020 award.

“If it weren’t for all of you who support us and watch us every week, we would never get to have the fun that we get to have and touch the lives that we get to touch and just live out our dreams, so I should be giving all of you this award,” said Pompeo during her acceptance speech.

I, of course, also agree with the Show of 2020 award winner which was “Grey’s Anatomy.” I started watching “Grey’s Anatomy” this year, and it has become possibly my favorite show. “Grey’s Anatomy” is so amazing that I never stopped watching it; I binge-watched it until I got to season 16. I only stopped because that was the end of that season. After the end of that season, I had to wait until November 12th to watch season 17, episode 1, which was a two-hour premiere and started the new COVID-19 storyline they are doing this season. I love this show for so many reasons, one of the reasons being the amazing characters they give us and the actors they choose to play them. Another reason I love the show is because of the twist and turns they throw at fans every season that always keeps us wondering about what is gonna happen next. Those are only two out of the many reasons why I think “Grey’s Anatomy” deserved to win the Show of 2020 award.

There was another award choice winner that I did not agree with that just did not make sense to me in any way. The choice that does not make sense to me was the show “Riverdale” winning the Drama Show of 2020 award. I love the show “Riverdale” but I do think “Grey’s Anatomy” is better in many ways, especially as a drama show. If I put all my feelings about “Grey’s Anatomy” aside, I still feel like it should have won the Drama show of 2020 over “Riverdale.” It would have logically made sense for it to win the Drama Show of 2020 because it was already the Show of 2020. Either way, I am not complaining about the winner because I really love the show “Riverdale” as well.

Of course, I think all the nominees are all amazing in their own special ways. I do actually have many other opinions on some of the nominees who won awards and on the nominees who did not win awards, but all the actresses, movies, and shows that I listed are the ones I feel most strongly about.