Food Wars: A Battle of Brownies


Lo and behold, Food Wars has made a return for the latter half of 2020. However, a little twist has been added to this edition. Due to the pandemic, I chose a safer route of comparing two different baked goods that anyone can easily make at home instead of going out to a restaurant. This week, I decided to put two different brownies to the test: Betty Crocker Delights Supreme Triple Chunk and Ghirardelli Triple Fudge brownies. By the end of this process, only one of the brownies will reign victorious in this completion of triple chunk/fudge brownies.

To start off this contest, I began by baking the Betty Crocker brownies first. After purchasing both boxes of brownies at the local Bealeton Food Lion, I hurried home to get started. Opening the box of Betty Crocker brownies, there was only a package with the brownie mix; no extra packages were included. After mixing all the ingredients together in a large bowl, I poured the brownie mix into a 9×9 pan and placed it in the oven for the desired time. After waiting patiently, I was able to make sure the brownies were fully baked (my definition of fully baked is sticking a toothpick in the middle of the brownies and having it come out clean) and took them out of the oven to cool. After cutting them, I place them all in a container until the next day because I believe for the best comparison, I should eat the brownies back to back.

Fast forward to the next day, I head into the kitchen to get ready to make my next batch of brownies. When I open up the box of Ghirardelli brownies, I notice that there are two packages instead of only one. One of the packages was the brownie mix while the other one was a fudge packet. Noticing this, I was thinking that with the extra fudge, the Ghirardelli brownies may have a one-up on the Betty Crocker brownies. After mixing all the ingredients into a bowl, I poured the batter into the same 9×9 pan so I can have an accurate comparison. Waiting for about 40 minutes, I was finally able to take the brownies out of the oven to cool. After cooling, I cut up the brownies and put them into a container.

Getting out a plate, it was time for the ultimate test: the taste test. I took one of each different brownies out of the containers to perform my taste test with. After getting a cup of water, I was ready. First, I tried the Betty Crocker brownie and it absolutely tasted delicious with just the first bite. It was super chocolatey, which I loved considering I am a chocolate lover. Also, I loved that I was able to taste the chocolate chips in the brownie; it was the perfect addition. After finishing that brownie, I moved onto the Ghirardelli brownie.

Taking my first bite into the Ghirardelli brownie, it was just as delicious as the Betty Crocker brownie. Similar to the first brownie, I loved that I could taste the chocolate chips within the brownie; it was another perfect touch. However, a slight difference I noticed was the extra fudge and chocolate taste of this brownie. My first intuition was right; I knew that the fudge packet would definitely play a difference in the final product.

After finishing both brownies, it was decision time. With both brownies having nearly the same baking process and both being at a price of $2.79, the only factor that played into this decision was the mere taste. After thinking about both brownies, I ultimately came to the decision that the winner of this competition is the Betty Crocker Delights Supreme Triple Chunk brownies. Even though this competition was one of the closest ones I have ever decided, I just felt that the Ghirardelli brownies had just a little too much fudge in the brownie. However, the Betty Crocker brownies had the perfect amount of chocolate and chocolate chips making it reign victorious. Despite Betty Crocker brownies winning, I would definitely recommend both of these brands to any fellow brownie lovers!

Now, it can be your turn. Both of these brownies can be purchased at the local Food Lion in Bealeton or if anyone is further away, they can also be purchased at any local grocery store. Try and bake both of these brownies and see which one you should think should be the winner.