The Positive and Negative Impacts of the Pandemic


Let’s be honest, Covid-19 has not made this past year, and even now, the greatest.

People can’t go outside without a mask and students can’t hug their friends anymore. Student’s houses went from a place where they come to escape, to a place they want to escape. Everyone misses hanging out with their friends and going to the mall, going to each other houses. With all these negatives, is there anything positive that came out of this pandemic?

There are many positives that came out of this pandemic. Students were able to pick up new hobbies, interests, and really focus on themselves.

“I picked up piano, painting, and playing video games. In addition to the hobbies, Covid was actually pretty helpful because I was able to get closer to my brother and family. Also, since I wasn’t able to go out as much, I was really able to focus on school and bring up my grades, ” said freshman Michelle Weon.

For others, the pandemic has made some of the positives for people pretty lacking. During this time, the combination of the stress of the outside world and also focusing on school, work, or other extracurriculars can bring tough times to students.

“Well, I have to balance work and school at the same time. Also, I have to worry about this pandemic and it’s not a really good mixture. Over this pandemic, I haven’t been able to really pick up any fun hobbies,” said freshman Katherine Jovel.

School hasn’t been quite as normal since this pandemic. Even with that, students have actually been doing great and taking this time to focus on school.

“My grades are way better than they were before Covid. Due to the pandemic, I can’t do that much outside so I use the time to study and do all my homework,” said freshman Alexis Griffith.

Even though some students are able to use their spare time for studying, some students struggle with the whole aspect of virtual learning. A lot of students need the constant reminder and/or a hands-on learning experience.

“Covid has made my grades lower than they were in the previous year. During this pandemic, I find it hard to focus with the stress of keeping up with the news, school work, and my family and friends’ well-being,” said sophomore Chris Molina.

Since Covid-19 puts people with lung problems and elders at more of a high risk than the younger generation, a lot of kids think that Covid-19 can not harm them, which is totally not okay. Teenagers can still get Covid and pass it around to other people like their friends with asthma or their grandparents with underlying health conditions. Lucky, a lot of kids realize the harm that Covid-19 can bring.

“Physically, I am also worried, but I don’t go out often unless I have to. This pandemic is not affecting me as much physically as it is affecting my mental health. Even though my mental health is not at its greatest, I know I have to do my part and social distance to keep the community safe,” freshman Marilyn Vargas.

With all of this going on, there have been a couple of positives and things to take away. Even if students do not have certain hobbies, interests, or jobs, there are always other ways to pass the time and keep them entertained.

“Over the pandemic, TikTok has been a great app to keep me entertained. I am able to stay on the app for hours, and it definitely makes slow days go by fast. Not only is watching TikTok fun, but it is also fun to make them,” said senior Keely Crane.

TikTok has been a great way to pass the time, and it is a really good reliever of stress because it has been said to be super funny and entertaining. This app has been blowing up lately because of its funny and relatable content. It’s full of people trying to lift people’s spirits and getting them through this tough time in their lives.

Everyone can all agree that Covid-19 sucks. Through all of this nonsense, there are some really great things that have come out of this. If it’s getting closer with family, getting a job, picking up hobbies, or focusing more on schoolwork, they are all great. It is understandable that it’s not all cupcakes and butterflies right now,  but at the end of the day, everyone just needs hope and faith that is pandemic will come to an end and people can get back to their normal lives and be happier.