Attack on Titan’s 4th Season Brings Gigantic Revelations and Massive Battles


“Attack on Titan” has been an overwhelmingly popular series ever since it’s anime introduction all the way back in April of 2013. Its unique story and exhilarating fights hooked viewers and this led to the creation of a second, third, and fourth season.

Attack on Titan is a show that started with a fairly simple premise. The main character Eren Jaeger, a headstrong, bright, passionate boy sets a goal with his friend, Armin Arlert, and his adopted sister, Mikasa Ackerman, to see the “giant lake that seems to have no end”. However they have a plethora of obstacles blocking them from achieving their goal, namely the titans, giant humanoid monsters which eat people and wreck havoc anywhere they walk, and the three walls protecting humanity from said Titans.

However these three children are determined to reach their goal, until everything goes awry when a titan that stands many meters taller than the outer wall stands up. The large, muscly, steaming titan raises its foot and crashes it into the wall breaking it, a sudden stream of titans begins to flow in eating civilians and destroying property, then an armored titan barrels its way through the town to the next wall and runs through it making yet another hole that allows titans to sow strife amongst humanity.

Eren is dumbfounded but soon snaps back into reality when he sees his mother trapped under a wooden support beam, he desperately tries to help as a titan looms closer, its forced smile terrifying him to his core.

He continues trying to lift the wooden support beam but to no avail, a family friend named Hannes, a man apart of the Survey corps, a branch of military that is dedicated to manning missions outside the walls and learning as much about the titans as possible, appears.

He attempts to help Eren but at the pleading of Eren’s mother Hannes picks up Eren and Mikasa and runs away from the looming titan, Eren thrown over the shoulder of Hannes is forced to watch as his mother is devoured by the Titan. From that point on he swears to himself that he will exterminate every last titan on the planet no matter the cost.

Pair Attack on Titan’s heavy, dark, and epic atmosphere with an astronomical soundtrack and you get something that is supremely unique from the rest of the anime industry. It was also animated by WIT studio, who did a wonderful job bringing the series to life, with beautiful visuals and awe-inspiring fight scenes. It is one of the best shows on the market right now and the fourth and final season is still releasing new episodes frequently, every season of Attack on Titan feels as if they completely changed the theme and rebranded the show which keeps it refreshing, whilst also managing to keep the magic of the original theme.

Each arc of the story cohesively melds together and there is rarely a dull moment, even if the anime goes slow at points there is an immense amount of exposition being given without the watchers knowledge. Only eagled eyed viewers could spot out the twists and turns of AOT’s wonderful story.

I completely recommend anyone to spend a couple days watching and catching up on Attack on Titan as it has continued to evolve and improve in quality until the end, there are of course problems had with some aspects of the show for some people, namely the fourth season which brought on a new animation studio that uses quite a lot of CGI which is generally frowned upon in the anime community, this however is only because they were rushed by the publishers so they could sync the end of the Attack on Titan manga with the anime, if not for this horrendous task the animation would look flawless.

I have no qualms with Attack on Titan, it is a quality show through and through, from its music to its animation and its amazing story, it is completely worth taking a while to watch it all the way through. You can find the first season subbed and dubbed on Netflix and Crunchyroll and the subsequent seasons can be found on Crunchyroll as well. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch this masterpiece of a show.