How The “To All the Boys” Series Has Been a Roller Coaster for Us All


The “To All the Boys” movies have been a big hit in America with, particularly, teenage girls. The third movie, “To All the Boys: Always and Forever,” just came out early last month and it’s a big hit! This movie was released on February 12th, but it is the third movie in the series. The first one was “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” then the following was, “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You,” and now there is “To All the Boys: Always and Forever.” The last movie has 77% on rotten tomatoes,  6.3/10 on IMDB, and the runtime is about 115 minutes. The director is Michael Fimognari and the author of the books is Jenny Han. This series is based on the books by Jenny Han. There are only three books in this series but she has written some other really good books as well such as the “The Summer I Turned Pretty” series. This is another three-story series of hers and it is another romance series.

As for the cast, there is, of course, Lara Jean played by Lana Condor. This isn’t Lana’s first big role; she made her first acting debut when she played the mutant, Jubilee, in the movie “X-Men Apocalypse.” That same year, she was also in Peter Berg’s film “Patriots Day.” Her next big role was for Jenny Han with “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” as Lara Jean Covey. At the young age of 23, Condor has already done so many great things with her career.

Condor’s co-star, Noah Centineo, in the “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” movies is a very popular actor in some popular movies as well. He’s done many things within the past few years, such as a couple of minor Disney roles, being in the show “The Fosters” for two seasons, and being in a couple of music videos such as “Havana” by Camila Cabello and “Are You Bored Yet?” by Wallows. He’s won a couple of awards and has been nominated for even more! Some awards he’s won are “The Top Ten Breakout Stars” for the IMDB Awards,  a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award for “Best Movie Actor,”  an MTV Movie and TV Award for “Best Breakthrough Performance” and “Best Kiss,” and a Teen Choice Awards for a bunch of different things, as well as a People’s Choice Award! He’s even struggled with addiction too as a teenager, and then done lots of charity work to make up for it!  

Ok, so here is little bit of a summary for the first movie. In this movie, the audience is introduced to a young girl, Lara Jean. Lara Jean has a bit of a secret though; whenever she has a huge crush and doesn’t know what to do with herself because of how strongly she feels, she does one thing: she will write a letter to said crush but she doesn’t send them. She has written only five letters, but the important ones are Peter, the popular lacrosse player at her school, and Josh, who is Lara Jean’s older sister’s boyfriend. After her older sister, Margot, leaves for college and ends things with Josh, this is when Lara Jean starts to regain feelings for Josh and Josh admits to having had feelings for Lara Jean in the past. However,  things take a turn and the letters Lara Jean had written were sent out without Lara Jean knowing by her little sister, Kitty. Fast forward, as Lara Jean is in gym class, she is interrupted by Peter saying he doesn’t have feelings for her nor any attraction towards her, and as she was showered in confusion. After she realized what he was talking about, she assured him she had written that many years ago. Although, the next morning when Josh had approached her and asked about the letter, she then denied it and said she was in a relationship. She then turned and the first person in her sight was Peter so when he then asked who, she said Peter. She continued by walking up to Peter and kissing him to make Josh believe her.  In confusion, Peter asks why she did that and she explains what had happened, then that led to them agreeing to “fake date” so Lara Jean could convince Josh and Peter could get a clean break from his ex-girlfriend. Of course, by the end of the movie, they actually fall in love with each other.

Now the second movie is a little different. This one is about another one of the boys she wrote to, John Ambrose. In this movie, Lara Jean and John coincidentally volunteer at the same retirement home. This then gives them time to catch up and talk about things since they haven’t talked in a while. While Lara Jean is unable to stop thinking about her conversations with John, she begins to have doubts about her and Peter’s relationship due to his ex-girlfriend, Gen, and her sudden rush of feelings for John. Lara Jean then finds out that Peter had been keeping secrets from her about Gen, and that they had never truly stopped talking. Too hurt to do anything else, she then breaks up with him. Meanwhile, at the retirement home, Lara Jean and John plan a dance for the residents, and at this dance, Lara Jean and John share a special dance. However, it’s only when Lara Jean and John share a kiss, she realizes that she is in love with Peter. She then apologizes and rushes out, only surprised to see Peter waiting for her outside. They then express that they are in love and they get back together in the end.

As for the third and final movie, Lara Jean and her boyfriend, Peter, have this plan that they’re going to go off to college together and be together forever, but when Lara Jean gets rejected from Stanford, which is the school they had planned on going to, everything goes wrong. Due to Lara Jean not getting into Stanford and Peter having a lacrosse scholarship there, Lara Jean applies to some backup schools and she gets into all of them, including UC Berkeley and NYU. While on their senior trip to New York City, Lara Jean takes a tour of the city and even goes to an NYU party. She then falls in love with the city and has to decide whether she should go to Berkley, which is only an hour away from Peter, or go to NYU, where she wants to go and be 3000 miles away from him.  

These movies have definitely been a rollercoaster to watch, but in the end, I would definitely say it’s worth it. Fans would not only get to watch three amazing films but they would get to watch an epic love story unfold. These movies are not only rom-coms, but I believe they are very exciting, and drama-filled, movies. I think these are excellent movies for young teens, and I definitely think most people would enjoy them! Fans may even learn a thing or two from it; I certainly did. I learned never to let a boy decide what I will do with my life; I will do whatever I please and if they don’t agree, then I suppose it just wasn’t meant to be!