iCarly to Return to Screens in 2022


Nathaly Ventura, Staff Reporter

When you think of the old Nickelodeon shows, your mind probably jumps to Zoey 101, iCarly, Victorious, or even Big Time Rush. The majority of the recent Nickelodeon shows have been pretty great, but not as good as the classics.

There is, however, exciting news for iCarly fans, as recently Paramount Studios have announced they are rebooting of the acclaimed Nickelodeon sitcom. Although Nickelodeon won’t be taking charge, and it also won’t have the same director, many worldwide fans and people actually this is a good idea. Especially considering the former director of iCarly, Dan Schneider, has been levied with many serious allegations in recent years.

The confirmation of original cast members, including Miranda Cosgrove (Carly), Nathan Kress (Freddie), Jerry Trainor (Spencer) have been made, along with their recent Instagram and Twitter posts confirming they are working on the show. iCarly fans have been going crazy and wondering if the famous best friends of the show will be reunited once again, but Jennette McCurdy has not said she’ll be returning. In fact, when recently interviewed about her past life on iCarly, she mentioned that she was forced into acting at a young age and that Schneider made her feel very uncomfortable. 

The reboot is intended for a more mature audience and will feature the characters ten years from the conclusion of the original. Paramount has not specified any specific plot points, so all we have is the actors’ Instagram posts and our imaginations to guess how the show will be.

iCarly has made a big impact on many current high school students who watched the show when they were younger.

“I grew up watching iCarly when I was young and it was one of my favorite shows, and I haven’t really heard about the reboot but I am for sure looking forward to it especially since I watched the show many times. I really hope the reboot will be as good as the original show,” said junior Fernanda Barrios.

“I have not heard of the new iCarly reboot, but now that you’ve gotten me aware of it I am totally excited and so prepared to watch it. Especially since the original show has brought me so many good memories and I hope that the new show can bring as great of memories to the new viewers,” said junior Edgar Jimenez.

“When I was young, I did watch iCarly and I did like it, but honestly I don’t really plan on watching the reboot. It honestly hasn’t really caught my attention,” said sophomore Amara Collins.

Some students connected with particular characters from the show, feeling they could relate to them or just generally enjoying their performances.

“My favorite character was Sam because she was actually pretty funny and she was always a baddie. What I also liked about her what that she would always protect Carly like a true real friend, she would also never let any play with her so I liked that about her,” said freshman Katherine Jovel.

“My favorite character of all times had to be Gibby because in my opinion he is the funniest and is such a good person and character, he always managed to make me laugh whenever he would pop up, whether it was from him taking off his shirt or just saying something,” said junior Federic Ortiz.

“Is that even a question? Of course, it has to be Gibby, he’s just so Gibby,” said sophomore Cornelius Okai-Brown.

iCarly was a big part of the childhoods of many people today. Whether they plan on watching the reboot or not, we can expect the majority of them to at least look forward to it. The show set to be released by early 2022. Hopefully, the reboot is something that will please all iCarly fans out there.