Attention All Coffee Lovers: A Starbucks Could Be Coming To Bealeton Soon


Source: Fauquier County Department of Community Development

Back in 2012, the developers behind the Mintbrook development in Bealeton made an agreement to approve a Starbucks location along Marsh Rd. Now, the developers have requested amendments to this plan. Planning commissioners, in a 3-1 vote, approved the proposed changes to the 2012 agreement. The changes are not drastic; they mainly revolve around height requirements. If approved by supervisors, a rezoning amendment could allow for the new Starbucks location to open by early 2022.

According to the Fauquier Times, Starbucks is “highly interested” in the Mintbrook Commercial Center location. If it were to open, this would be the fifth Starbucks location in Fauquier County, with the other four all being in Warrenton.

Students at Liberty have a variety of opinions about a potential Starbucks opening across the street from the school.

Many students feel that a Starbucks in Bealeton would be a lot more convenient because they would not have to drive to Warrenton or Culpeper to get their coffee.

“I was very excited when I heard about the idea of a Starbucks opening in Bealeton. I would really love a Starbucks near Bealeton because it’s closer to my house than Warrenton and we drive up to Bealeton almost every day,” said freshman Ashlyn Leatherwood, who goes to Starbucks at least once a week with her mom.

“If there was a Starbucks in Bealeton that would be awesome because then I wouldn’t have to go all the way to Warrenton for coffee before school or work. Starbucks is my go-to place for coffee if I’m not by any smaller coffee businesses. My go-to order is either a venti cold brew with almond milk or a latte,” said sophomore Kaitlyn Stachowitz.

Some students are not as enthusiastic about the new Starbucks, but still, understand some of the benefits it could bring to the community.

“I feel neutral about it. I don’t really care either way. It wouldn’t really impact me, but I think it could possibly provide more job opportunities in Bealeton,” said sophomore Shana MacNeil.

Another student mentions that a new Starbucks could provide a place to hang out for teens in Bealeton. This is a good point, given that there are very few places of the sort at the moment.

“I feel like it’s a nice idea. After COVID, Starbucks would probably be another place to hang out for the community,” said freshman Valeria Villarreal.

One student is not a huge fan of Starbucks but is excited to see more things to do in Bealeton and in Fauquier County as a whole.

“I think it’s cool that we’re getting more options here in Bealeton. Personally, it doesn’t affect me, but it’s nice knowing I wouldn’t have to go all the way to Warrenton. I’ve noticed a lot of food chains open up around here. Fauquier County is definitely changing,” said sophomore Melanie Salas.

“It wouldn’t impact me much because my mom owns a coffee shop, and she doesn’t take us to Starbucks very often. Although I’m still excited because there are so many new places being added,” said freshman Danika Guskiewicz, whose mom is the owner of Deja Brew in Warrenton.

The collective sentiment from students at Liberty is that they are either excited or at least supportive of the plan to open a Starbucks in Bealeton. The good news for Bealeton residents is that the odds seem to be in their favor.