Students Return Four Days Weekly to Finish Out The Year: How Are They Really Reacting?


Jonathan Valdizon-Garcia

LHS students are completing in-class assignments during Mrs. Marek’s third block class.

COVID-19 has proven to have been a rough time for a majority of people. A lot of people have had to adapt to doing things differently that they wouldn’t have done on their regular schedules. In the middle of May, at the almost end of the 2020 school year, LHS, and all FCPS1 schools, went into a lock-down and couldn’t return back to school due to the pandemic. Many students were initially happy that they weren’t going to return to school anytime soon, but as time flew by, the FCPS1 School Board allowed students to have the opportunity to stay virtual or return to school in a hybrid format for two days a week. Numerous students were excited to only have school two days a week.

At first, hybrid students were only able to go to school two days a week, but little did students know that the FCPS1 School Board was going to let students return to school four days a week instead of two, but students still have the option to stay virtual. After talking to LHS students and faculty,  almost every student was excited about going back to school, but they still were worried about COVID-19. Some of the faculty were worried about their kid(s) going back to school also due to COVID-19. 

Let’s hear from some of the LHS students on their opinions about returning to school four days a week, all together.

What is your opinion on returning to school for four days a week?

“I honestly don’t think it’ll be a good idea for everyone’s safety,” said freshman Kevin Gonzalez.

“Having to go back to school four days a week can benefit a lot of kids who have a hard time not being in the classroom atmosphere, especially if they really need hands-on teaching when learning,” said freshmen Ciara Hogan.

“My opinion of returning back to school four days a week is that it will be something that can help everyone in a way. This will help students get the habit of going back and trying to have a ‘normal’ school year as much as possible,” said sophomore Alexis Hutchinson.

“I agree we should be back in school four days a week. In all honesty, I think we should go back Monday-Friday,” said junior Will Green.

LHS students are enjoying lunch in the cafeteria while maintaining a safe distance. (Kaydance Wren)

Do you believe that COVID-19 cases will increase due to returning to school for four days instead of two?

“I do think that COVID-19 cases will increase having everyone back to school four days a week. This will take time to get used to since we will be used to two days instead. There will need to be more cleaning and precautions for this,” said Hutchinson.

“Yes, I do. I honestly think that if we increase the number of students in the school there will be an increase of COVID-19 cases,” said Gonzalez.

“I feel like it’s a 50/50 chance situation when it comes to COVID-19 cases rising due to being in school for a longer period during the week; you just don’t know,” said Hogan.

What are your emotions towards going back to school for four days?

“I’m happy that we are going back just because I feel most students will benefit from it,” said Green.

“I’m happy they made this decision since it can be a way for me to see some of my friends again,” said Hutchinson.

How do you think this will affect your sleep schedule?

“My sleep schedule is already all over the place. This will most likely put it into a normal cycle or it could totally mess it up more,” said Gonzalez.

“I could say this could help both hybrid and virtual learners with their sleep schedules because there could be some kids who go to bed late at night and maybe getting up earlier in the day will tire them out at night and give them the accurate sleep and rest they need,” said Hogan.

Do you think returning for four days will benefit students’ grades?

“I think having school four days a week could benefit grades in both ways being hybrid or virtual. This could allow more time learning the content and really understanding the concept of certain subjects which could affect grades, hopefully, in a positive way,” said Hogan.

“Yes, I do think this will benefit my grades as well. During virtual learning, it was stressful so hopefully, I can get a boost from now on,” said Hutchison.

How do you think this change will affect your everyday life?

“I think having school four days could affect my everyday life in the most positive way,” said Hogan.

“I’ll lose my full-time job, but I’ll be getting a better education. Also, I’ll have to get a part-time job for the time being,” said Green.

Ultimately, students at LHS have a positive outlook on how returning to school four days a week is beneficial. Hopefully, all students and faculty can stay safe and work together to keep the school clean and safe.