Spring Sports Make Triumphant Return


After a long year ridden by COVID, students weren’t able to play their favorite sports last season. They were cancelled after the first week, and the students were hoping the season would continue, but unfortunately, it didn’t. Not only were sports cancelled last season, the season this year was pushed back into summer. Some of the kids were too excited to come back and play, but they haven’t played in a year, so the reaction is natural. Though they had to train by themselves, many of them were happy, and many also nervous for tryouts.

“I felt really excited, but also a little nervous. I haven’t played soccer in a long time and we haven’t had that much practice before our first game. I’m keeping myself prepared for the season by staying in shape playing field hockey and conditioning. Other than the season being cancelled I am ready I might be playing a different position than normal, but it will work.” said senior soccer player Jazmyn Reynolds.

“I was very frustrated at the beginning of the year when lacrosse was cancelled, but we had to do what was needed for our safety. I am very ready for this upcoming season though, I’ve practiced a lot with all the time I had and conditioned while playing field hockey and the lacrosse season I personally believe will go amazing.” said senior lacrosse player Skyler Hadler.

“It feels great to be back playing soccer with the boys and back with the team. I’m mainly excited, because a lot of the team was practicing all off-season to get better and I believe if the team can come together as a family we will be outstanding.” said junior soccer player Hector Chinchilla.

Some students were really excited to be back, and were mad sports were pushed back, but at least they are together and playing now. These students seem to just want to play and have fun with their friends, and hopefully go to states and win.

“I was mad they pushed the season back, but they finally allowed us to play so I am grateful. I wish I would’ve prepared for the season more, but I wanted to play football so it kind of kept me in shape and I ate the healthiest I could. I am hoping the season last though, because it would stink for both of the spring seasons to be cancelled.” said junior track runner Nick Lopez.

All of the students are happy to be back, and they all believe the season will go great for them. The season started off this last week, and the students were very happy. Even when teams lost, they were excited to be playing. Mask protocol was, of course, enforced. Regardless, these athletes seem very satisfied now that they are able to play again.