Graduation is a Go! The Class of 2021 Will be Back at Jiffy Lube Live


Fauquier County Public Schools is pleased to announce commencement plans for the Class of 2021! It will allow graduates to experience a traditional ceremony while including family members and friends. The Liberty High School Class of 2021 will graduate on Thursday, May 27th, at 7:00 pm at Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, Virginia. Students will graduate as one class in one ceremony.

Seniors have been waiting all year to find out if they would have a traditional ceremony or individual ceremonies like last year when COVID-19 hit. The class of 2019 had individual ceremonies, so Liberty is excited to announce that the Class of 2021 will have a proper ceremony.

“I’m really excited to have graduation at Jiffy Lube. It’s what I have been waiting 18 years for,” said senior Hunter Humphries.

“I am so happy that we are able to have a graduation. It is a different type of feeling to know that the ceremony is going to be able to be held at Jiffy Lube and that the whole entire 2021 class will be graduating together. Also, for me personally, I have spent four amazing years with SCA and it makes me so happy that I will be able to sit on the stage with all my fellow SCA officers. Allowing graduation to happen like past years brings back a sense of normalcy,” said senior Keely Crane.

“I am so excited! I’ve been looking forward to this moment ever since I stepped into Liberty High School,” said senior Michael Baldwin.

Not only is the graduation happening like normal, but guests are allowed to! With a common worry amongst seniors being that there would be a small limit on family and friends that can attend, the guidelines quickly erased all worries. Every graduate is allowed 8-10 guests they can invite to the ceremony.

“Depending on how many people can attend, it’s going be my sister, mom, dad and then we will decide the rest later on. However, these 3 people are my rocks so they have to be there,” said Humphries.

“For graduation, my mom, brother, sister, and a family friend will be attending. These five people will be attending because they are the closest family I have and I would love to have them there to watch me graduate. It wouldn’t be the same if they weren’t there to support me,” said Crane.

“I am going to invite my mom, dad, grandma, and girlfriend to our graduation. They’ve always been there for me and I know they are proud,” said Baldwin.

Despite the graduation occurring as normal, there is still a pandemic. There are some worries amongst students referring to safety guidelines. However, the school is highly suggesting all seniors stay the virtual the week before graduation. Also, there are basic safety guidelines that should be followed at Jiffy Lube Live, such as wearing a mask and social distancing.

“I feel like the higher-ups will make it run smoothly and safely. The only aspect I may worry about is people taking off their masks or wearing them incorrectly. Even though the event is outside, it is a huge crowd. Every single person should be wearing their mask, no exceptions. If it gets too hot, I worry some audience members or students may take off their masks,” said Crane.

With only around two weeks of school left for the seniors, graduation is coming quick and right around the corner! Here are some important dates that seniors should know about prior to graduation:

Academic Awards Ceremony – Wednesday, May 12, 10:00am: By invitation only, scholarships, achievement awards and departmental awards will be presented in the LHS Auditorium. IF your senior is receiving an award, they will receive an invitation to attend. If the school is notified of a recipient late, the letter will be given to the senior at school.

Senior Assembly/Picture/Luncheon – Friday, May 14, 8:00am – 1:00pm: All seniors are to report to their first block on this day. They will be called to the auditorium for a mandatory Senior assembly to discuss graduation details, complete the required state survey, watch the senior video and take a class photo in caps and gowns. Seniors will walk to Grace Miller Elementary in a celebratory parade, then attend a Senior luncheon at LHS. Virtual students are encouraged to come to LHS by 8am for the assembly and to participate in the events of the day.
As stated above, seniors will have a group picture taken and must bring in their caps and gowns this day. Seniors must wear their caps and gowns for the picture and the GMES walk. Students who do not bring their cap and gown will not be permitted in the group picture.

Cap and gown pick up – Friday, May 14: Jostens will be distributing orders to students outside the auditorium. Students should bring cash or check if they have not yet paid for their cap and gown. Any orders not picked up or paid for that day are available in the finance office. Visit or call 1-800-Jostens (567-8367) to pay ahead of time.

Senior Check Out Sheet – due by Friday, May 14 (last recommended in-person day of school for Seniors): Before participating in graduation ceremonies, seniors should clean out their lockers, take care of all obligations to the school system, and turn in their checkout list to the Finance Office before this date. Obligations include return of computers, hotspots, textbooks, library books, classroom books, school fees, fees for field trips, fees for Dual Enrollment classes, fundraising money, etc. Checkout sheets, to those that owe items, will be distributed in class on Tuesday, May 11th.

Senior Virtual Class Week – May 17 – May 21: We encourage all seniors to attend classes virtually the week of May 17 -May 21 to protect themselves from potential covid exposure and then having to quarantine and possibly miss graduation. If a senior needs to come in to complete work in person this week, we can accommodate an individual location for them to work, please arrange to come in with their teacher directly. The official last day of school for Seniors only is May 21st, they do not attend/log into classes after this date.

Summa Cum Laude Reception – Wednesday, May 19, 10:00am: Students whose GPA places them in the top 10% of the graduating class will receive an invitation to this reception with more details. These students will invite a teacher to speak on their behalf at the reception. Limited guests of students in the top 10% will be permitted to join us at the reception at LHS and recognize these exceptional students. Strict social distancing guidelines will be followed.

Mandatory Graduation Practice – Tuesday, May 25, 7:30am: Beginning promptly at 7:30am seniors report to the LHS Stadium entrance. Do not enter the main school building. Seniors who need to report to work after graduation practice should make arrangements with their employer to begin work after 12:00pm (noon). GPA Honor cords will be distributed at practice. ALL seniors MUST be present at practice in order to march in the graduation ceremony. Masks must be worn on campus. Strict social distancing guidelines will be followed. (rain location – enter through gym side doors).

Graduation Ceremony – Thursday, May 27, 7:00pm, Jiffy Lube Live Pavilion* in Gainesville: Graduating seniors
should arrive in the VIP area no later than 5:30pm and must be ready to line up by 6:00pm Students will receive a parking pass to park in the VIP area. VIP parking is for graduates only. Graduates riding with family may be dropped off at the second gate. Family members must park in general parking and enter through the main gate. LHS Class of 2021 masks will be distributed to Seniors at graduation and are mandatory to wear during the ceremony.