Invincible, A Show Where No One Has Plot Armor, is Explosively Fun and Mysterious


Invincible has been yet another breath of fresh air in the superhero genre, in this particular case produced by Amazon Prime Studios. They first started this trend with their hit show The Boys and subverting the viewers expectations by making it a lot more graphic, and going into depth with the corruption of the superheroes. While Invincible is similar to The Boys with the graphic nature of the show, it is much more like traditional superhero writing, but with many twists and turns throughout. From the mystery of who killed the Guardians of the Globe, who are basically the equivalent of the Avengers or the Justice League, to the troubles main character Mark faces whilst trying to learn his new powers and balancing a relationship with fellow classmate Amber. Mark is consistently in conflict with either himself, or another character. Mark is also the unfortunate recipient of many beatings from villains throughout the show, almost dying many times. Invincible refuses to give any character a break. Even if it seems Mark did a good thing, the show will subvert that expectation and show the viewer after the arc is over and done with that this decision has ultimately made things worse or kept things the same. The source material is the comic line of the same name created by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker. Needless to say, it was done plenty of justice in writing and designing. This show is definitely an amazing ride and they have already greenlit two more seasons due to it’s resounding success on Amazon’s streaming platform.

The animation in Invincible is absolutely wonderful to watch. There is quite a lot of graphic content in the show, and may not be suited for more queasy viewers, however the way the show took the characters from the comic series and animated them is an absolute treat to watch on screen. From the way the fighting feels incredibly impactful and heavy to the scenes of characters flying which makes them feel almost self contained and alone up in the sky, Invincible is littered with small little thematic feelings and it immerses the viewer into the world, and the animators have also captured human emotion wonderfully and every character has a hint of emotion on their face that keeps the people feeling like people.

With the comic series having been finished back in February of 2018, and over 140 issues fully completed and published, the showrunners have an immense amount of content to go through and adapt for the world. A glimpse of these future storylines is shown in Invincible’s final episode, from going back to storylines from earlier in the show, to completely new places, there is a plethora of content that will surely amaze the fans and keep them enthralled for the ride. Whether or not they will end up adapting the whole comic series is yet to be determined, however I highly doubt so as that is quite a lot of content to cover, and viewers may not stick around for it all. Thus, Amazon may see it as a waste of money and time.

I highly recommend Invincible to anyone who enjoys superhero shows or is looking for a fresh series to sink into. It is filled with comedy, action, drama, horror at times, and one could even say romance. Its first season blew me away and I was overjoyed every Friday when I could wake up and watch Invincible and see how the story and Mark progressed. The first season has just concluded and is comprised of 8 episodes with, as stated before, two more seasons on their way sometimes in the near future. Don’t sleep on Invincible, it is a wonderful experience all the way through.