Godzilla vs. Kong Brings Action and Excitement to a Whole New Level


Sci-fi fans have been raving over the new Godzilla/King Kong crossover movie “Godzilla vs. Kong” this past month. The movie is pretty monumental since there hasn’t been a crossover movie between these two since the 1962 original film “King Kong vs. Godzilla.”

The film works around two main plots; one is more about how Godzilla destroyed the building of a company called Apex. A high school student named Madison (Millie Bobbie Brown), who is the daughter of a scientist at Apex, and her friend, Josh (Julian Dennison), join a man, Bernie (Brian Tyree Henry), who runs a conspiracy podcast, to look into what happened at Apex. These two teamed up because they have the same mindset on what really happened. They both believe Godzilla really isn’t much of a monster and has must have an ulterior motive as to why it destroyed Apex.

On the other plotline, the audience can see King Kong monitored by a facility called Monarch on Skull Island, kept away from humans to make him less of a threat. They set off to find Kong, a place where he can be free and call home. A young deaf girl, Jia (Kaylee Hottle), is an orphan who comes along with Dr. Ilene Anderson (Rebecca Hall), the Kong expert because she has a stronger connection with Kong. Although she can’t speak, she uses sign language and powerful energy to communicate with him. This journey could be risky for them and Kong, as Godzilla is out and on the move. If the monsters collide, it could create major problems.

The CGI on this film is amazing and very realistic; fans can almost believe the monsters are really up there fighting. The majority of the time, Godzilla and/or Kong were on the screen, so fans get a chance to see the different ways they act and how amazing CGI is for films like this. The camera work, while Kong was underwater, was impressive and really made people uncomfortable, but intrigued, at the same time. A lot of the screen time displays exactly what is advertised by the title, and doesn’t just have humans as the leading characters, as some films fail to achieve. There are some parts of the film that seem a little irrelevant to the plot, but for the most part, fans see a lot of scenes of the monsters battling and not too many around the human drama.

Once again, there are two main storylines that surround the plot: one being more about Kong and one about Godzilla. The characters and story around Kong, where he is held, and their journey to find him home are more organized and important. However, the storyline where the characters Madison, Josh, and Bernie look for details about what happened at Apex, wasn’t very important to the plot and felt kind of added on. I could see how it was for some comedic effect and maybe even to appeal to a younger audience by adding a mystery, but the film definitely could have still thrived without it.

Overall, this film definitely did not disappoint. It had a good share of action, drama, mystery, and even some comedy. I could imagine the experience of watching it would be more enjoyable if fans saw it in a movie theater because of the loud sound effects and thrilling action. I didn’t get the chance of seeing it for the first time in theaters, but I believe the film is still out in local theaters, for anyone interested in watching it. If you have never been caught up on the King Kong/Godzilla movies, that’s okay, it’s not really my genre either. But if you do enjoy dystopian films like me, this could be something you would want to add to your watch list!