The College and Future Plans List: Where Are Liberty Seniors Headed?

(Left to right) Pictured are seniors Roni Nickerson, Riley Hines, Caitlyn Butler, A. Grabner, Keely Crane, Leslie Quiroz, and Kendra Walker

(Left to right) Pictured are seniors Roni Nickerson, Riley Hines, Caitlyn Butler, A. Grabner, Keely Crane, Leslie Quiroz, and Kendra Walker

As the end of the school year approaches, seniors are preparing for graduation. Most of them already have their near future ahead of them mapped out. Whether they plan on attending college or a specific school tailored towards their interests, joining a branch of the military, or starting a new job, seniors are ready to start the next chapter of their lives.

This feature will be focused on maintaining an ongoing list of where seniors will attend school and what they plan on majoring in. It will also include plans involving military or work. Unfortunately, due to a lack of responses to gather data, this article is incomplete and does not include the names of every senior attending Liberty High School.

If a senior would like to see their name added to the list, they should send the reporter an email containing all of their information at [email protected] or leave a comment below on this article.

Adu Gyamfi, Theophilus – Northern Virginia Community CollegeInformation Technology

Bailey, Dylan – Emory and Henry CollegeFootball

Barret, Kevin – James Madison UniversityMusic Education

Bates, Shaun – Lord Fairfax Community College

Beverley, Amber – University of Mary WashingtonNursing

Black, Kali – James Madison UniversityMarketing

Blue, Leilah – Visual Arts and Education

Borja, Arianah – Virginia Commonwealth UniversityBiology

Butler, Caitlyn – North Carolina Wesleyan College

Campos, Kaily – Lord Fairfax Community CollegeNursing

Castro, Katie – Lord Fairfax Community CollegeSpecial Education

Clark, Sara – Hollins UniversityTheatre

Crane, Keely – Ithaca CollegeBroadcast Journalism

Daymude, Daphne – Bridgewater CollegeHealth and Physical Education

Dubnowski, Max – University of Virginia

Duncan, Emma – George Mason University

Garber, Ashley – Brigham Young UniversityMusic Education

Grabner, A. – Virginia Commonwealth University

Guox, Sheila – Lord Fairfax Community CollegeNursing

Hadler, Skylar – Virginia Commonwealth UniversityArchitectural Design

Harmon, Trenton – Marine Corps Recruiting DepotMarine

Harp, Alicia – North Carolina Wesleyan College

Hernandez, Jerry – Lord Fairfax Community CollegeEngineering

Herzog, Olivia – James Madison University

Hicks, Jordan – West Virginia Wesleyan CollegeFootball

Hicks, Wyatt – West Virginia Wesleyan CollegeFootball

Hines, Riley – Ferrum College

Humphries, Hunter – West Virginia UniversityCybersecurity

Johnson, AJ – West Virginia Wesleyan CollegeFootball

Jones, Abigail – Christopher Newport University

Jones, Mekayla – Lord Fairfax Community CollegeMidwifery

Keller, Abby – Firefighting

Kraiwan, Lalana – Lord Fairfax Community CollegeEnvironmental Science

Kroetz, Hannah – George Mason University

Lewis, Jordyn – Richard Bland College of William & MaryGeneral Studies

Lichtey, Alex – The College of William & Mary

Markley, Emily – Washington CollegePre-Nursing

Meadows, Braeden – Montclair State University – Journalism

Moore, Adam – Millersville UniversityMeteorology

Murray, Bethany – George Mason University

Nickerson, Veronica – Greensboro College

Ott, Elizabeth – The College of William & Mary

Quiroz, Leslie – University of DelawareInternational Affairs

Reyes, Melissa – Lord Fairfax Community CollegeNursing

Reynolds, Jazmyn – Virginia Tech UniversityHuman Biology

Rodman, Sam – Princeton University

Rodriguez, Princesa – Lord Fairfax Community College – Paramedic

Rodriguez, Yaritza – University of Virginia

Romero, David – University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ryan, Amber – Lord Fairfax Community CollegeSurgical Technology

Shipe, Keegan – University of Mary WashingtonHuman Biology

Smith, Taylor – Shenandoah University

Spangler, Cambria – University of Virginia

Stachitas, Samantha – James Madison University

Walker, Kendra – Temple UniversityPolitical Science

Wilkemeyer, Akasha – University of Wisconsin-Madison

Wingo, Lilly – Lord Fairfax Community CollegePsychology

Woodson, Jordan – Monmouth UniversityFootball

Yates, Andrew – The Ohio State University