LHS Business electives offer students value and variety

Susy Holbrook, Staff Reporter

High school is students last few years before the rest of their lives. Business and Marketing classes can help students  prepare for the future and how to navigate life. 

Why are they important? Well, when students graduate they have a few options. They can take a gap year and then go to college, college can start right away or a job can be found to pay off living expenses. Business and Marketing classes teach students things like money management, how to pay taxes and most importantly how to live responsibly. 

Business classes may not sound fun to some people but there is almost an endless amount of different classes students can take. Some examples would include Marketing, Business Law, Travel and Tourism, Computer Information Systems, Accounting and personal finance. 

How can students benefit from taking classes such as personal finance?

“They can earn certification and gain skills to make them more proficient in life,” said Mrs. Lodge.

Due to the flexibility of the business industry, students can find a niche, making knowledge of business essential in almost every career path.

“It prepares students for the business world, every industry involves business,” said Lodge.

Mrs. Zanella in the LHS Career Center echoes the value of business courses.

“Business classes are important to take because they help in several different ways. They prepare for things in life and allow students to look at things from a business perspective,” said Mrs. Zanella.

So, if students are worried about their future after high school, a business class may be good for them!