Photo Gallery: Freshmen Experience students participate in inaugural Olympic games

In a series of individual and team events, Freshmen Experience students earned points for their houses.

The winners of Freshmen Experience Olympic games included (from left to right): Tyler Funk (tie in the long jump), Luke Gardner (tie in the frisbee toss), Caydon Shadle (plate balance), Cayden King (front; boy’s 40 yard dash), Elijah James (back; tie in the frisbee toss), Mason Turner (cornhole), Braedon Cooper (tie in the long jump & winner of the shuttle run), Tishiyah Skinner (girl’s 40 yard dash). Not Pictured: Toni Ramirez-Martinez (softball toss). (Mr. Sealey)


Freshman, Mike Cobb, enters Eagle Stadium to participate in the Freshman Experience Olympic Games. (Lizzy Hunt)


Freshman Logan Walters competes against Colby Stutes in the plate balance competition. (Susy Holbrook)


Andrew Smith is all smiles while participating in the cornhole competition. (Susy Holbrook)


LHS staff members, like Mr. Chris Pierce, were responsible for scoring each event. (Susy Holbrook)


Carly McDonough tosses her beanbag while participating in the cornhole competition. (Susy Holbrook)


Toni Ramirez-Martinez launches his softball from the 45-yard line. Ramirez-Martinez would eventually win the gold medal in the event. (Mr. Sealey)


Logan Parker send his frisbee flying in the frisbee toss. (Lizzy Hunt)


Ethan Day sprints down the sideline for his long jump. (Lizzy Hunt)