A 2021 Eagle guide to Homecoming: A Festival Under the Stars


Lizzy Hunt, Staff Reporter

Looking for specific information about homecoming such as parking, food, games, and where the bathrooms will be? Well, this is the article. Nothing fancy, no creative writing, just as much information I could get from Mrs. Gustafson, the SCA staff representative. 


Time, Location, Tickets, and Theme

This Saturday, October 2nd, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. “[It will be] a classy outdoor event under the stars,” said Gustafson.


 The dance will be set up in the student parking lot closest to the stadium.. Tickets will be $15, only cash or check will be accepted.  Purchase will be available throughout the rest of the week at the finance office, or at the door on Saturday. 


“The SCA wanted to incorporate Fall vibes since it is October. [We also added] lights surrounding the tent where the dancing happens,” said Gustafson.  


Parking and location of the bathroom

There will be a portion of the student parking lot fenced off by deputy Meyer and another deputy from the county. There should be no worries about finding a parking space. “We never fill it for a normal Homecoming,” said Gustafson. 


The bathrooms in Eagle Stadium will be open.  “We will have lights leading up the path to the restroom area,” said Gustafson. 


Dress is officially considered “semi formal” but people can dress how they wish. 



Though food is offered for purchase and or snacks for free, “you’re gonna wanna eat before you come,” said Gustafson. “There will be a funnel cake truck with a variety of different foods, and prices will range from $3-6,” said Gustafson. 


A caramel apple dipping station, popcorn, chips, and other light refreshments will be offered. Hot chocolate will also be available. 


Events: Dancing and Music

“There will be a tent where dancing happens,” said Gustafson. “We will be having a DJ coming and they will be providing music,”  The music will be the radio edit, censored, and The DJ will take song requests at the dance. 


“[We will try to] play a variety of everything,” said Gustafson.  



A bonfire will be built, controlled, and watched by one of our local fire departments. It will go on the entire night and perimeters will be set around it. Warmth should not be an issue, but sadly s’mores will not be offered. 



There will be cornhole, basketball and football toss, as well as other tossing games. There may also be Spikeball since the P.E department has offered to let the SCA borrow it. There will also be Ladder ball. “The SCA just wanted to incorporate those outdoorsy type games,” said Gustafson.


Covid-19 restrictions

“Masks and social distancing will not be needed since we’re outdoors,” said Gustafson.