Fall, Football, and Fun: Liberty kicks off October with a day of Homecoming festivities


Seniors Jacob Laws and Nicole Cabanban were named 2021Homecoming King and Queen. Photo courtesy of Nicole Cabanban

Bailie Stramer, Staff Reporter

On Friday, October 1, 2021 Liberty High School had their traditional homecoming football game, pep rally, and tailgate. 

Sadly, they lost with the score of 35-9 but they didn’t go down without a fight. Liberty football went against in- county rivals the Kettle Run Cougars. With amazing plays throughout, Liberty only gave up two scores at halftime. 

Even though they lost, the football team had an amazing mindset before the game. “There is no reason to be nervous, being nervous causes a bad mindset and affects our playing,” said Noah Hall.

Since this game was the traditional homecoming game they announced the homecoming king and queen during halftime. Seniors, Nicole Cabanban and Jacob Laws were named royalty in a student body vote earlier in the day.

Due to them being announced during halftime, it moved the marching band to play at the end of the game. Marching band played some songs including, AJR’s Bang and The LHS Fight song. 

Even though this was a big night for everyone, some of the fellow band performers were not nervous about playing that night. Freshman, Williana Laari was ready for the performance despite it being her very first homecoming at LHS.

“I was surprisingly not nervous. I think it’s because after playing in the football games three times it has boosted my confidence,” said Laari.

Students started off the festivities with an outdoor pep rally during 4th block that included many fun games with each grade going against each other. They played games like tug a war and more. The seniors won (31 points) with the juniors in second place (21 points), sophomores in third (19 points), and freshman in fourth (10 points) making the seniors win the school’s annual prize the LHS Spirit Stick. The competition cheerleaders during the pep rally also had their spotlight. They got to perform an amazing routine they have been preparing for awhile, and did amazing.

 Overall it was a good experience for all with the great game from the football team, the amazing performances from the marching band, and the Class of 2022 homecoming king and queen being announced.


Coach Carter and her Athletic Training staff were one of several teams celebrated during Friday’s pep rally. From left to right: Coach Carter, Natalie Frazier, Summer Butler, Sydni Smith, Cassidy Sheldon, Ally Corvin, and LHS Intern Alum Bretton Butler. Photo courtesy of Coach Carter.
Liberty band students performed after the homecoming football game. Photo courtesy of Mr. Cox.