Adele delivers new music with “Easy on Me”

Releasing her first song in six years, the debut single from her upcoming album “30” features the singer’s trademark impassioned sound.


photo by Simon Emmett / Columbia Records.

Susy Holbrook, Staff Reporter

After Adele’s 6-year break from music, her new song did not disappoint. “Easy on Me” highlighted the struggles of her previous marriage and her recent divorce. The lyrics are emotional and impactful and just another example of the talent Adele possesses and why she is so popular. 

“Go easy on me, baby, I was still a child, didn’t get a chance to feel the world around me.” 

This lyrics is relatable to a lot of people for several different reasons, it highlight her personal struggles, but can also be vague enough for the audience to apply the words to their own stories. 

“There ain’t no room for things to change, when we are both so deeply stuck in our ways.”

 This lyric really expands how she feels but also gives a slight counterargument into saying that it wouldn’t have worked because they were both too stubborn and not willing to accept change. 

“I had good intentions, and the highest hopes, but I know right now, it probably doesn’t even show.” 

This lyric also has a deep meaning in the fact that it is showing how she felt and how she believed her intentions were perceived. 

The music video for Adele’s previous song “Hello” showed her moving into a new house and moving on with her life, now six years later it shows her leaving that same house.

The music video for “Easy On Me” starts in black and white and shows her walking away from her old life, it also highlights how messy her marriage was. However it ends in color showing her life is taking a new and happier direction. 

“Easy On Me” broke records including most global streams in a day on Spotify in a single day (24 million) and it was her fifth song to make Billboard’s number one on the Top 100. With 74,00 downloads on Spotify and 117 million music video views on YouTube, it is safe to say that the popularity of her song is almost unmatched. 

Overall, Adele made a huge reemergence with this song. After coming out of the dark with new music, it is safe to say that her fans were not let down.